Let’s be honest:

Engagement is key.

If you’re a content creator, you want people to comment on your work. If you’re selling something, you want people to buy the product.

Everything you’re putting out has an intent, but what is one of the best ways to drive that engagement?

The call to action.

What is the Call to Action?

The call to action is what you say at the end of the post to encourage engagement.

Depending on the topic, it can be in the form of a question or a means to get you to click somewhere else. 

For example, if you have a blog post about the best places for dessert in your town, your call to action may include asking if the reader has been to any of the places, wondering if there’s any you missed, something like that.

If you’re doing something like a book review, it can be something along the lines of “see what others are saying” and linking to a review page.

If you’re selling something, that link can be off to testimonials.

You get the idea.

Why is a Call to Action Important?

This is an effective tool for increasing engagement because it prompts the reader to respond to something.

If the goal is a comment, asking a question is one of the most effective ways to get that done.

Instead of the reader going through the post and trying to think up a response, a question simply gives them something to respond to.

It’s also a good way to round up what has been discussed in the post and works as a good sendoff.

Using the Call To Action in Marketing

Outside of using a call to action in a blog post, you can use it for other reasons, as well.

If you’re holding a giveaway or having a sale, the call to action drives people toward it.

Those types of calls to action fit more into the “act now” or “hurry while supplies last” type of categories. It plays on the consumers need for instant gratification while offering something valuable in return.

I get it — sometimes marketing techniques can sound a bit scandalous.

Are you surprised?

Other Ways to Market

This is why it is also important to be personable when you have a product you are trying to sell or promote.

It’s always important to think of the reader, or the consumer, or the whoever in everything you do. It isn’t about your advice as much as it is about how your advice can help them.

By determining what others can get out of your product or services, you can become a more effective marketer than reads more like a human being and less like a salesperson.

Crafting up calls to action is one of the best ways to increase both engagement and sales, but it’s also important to listen to what your readers or customers want. Simply bombarding them or inundating them with things they don’t deem relevant or necessary won’t help you with what you’re aiming to get out their relationship with you.

So, how do you craft your calls to action? Any tips you’d like to share with me? How do you go about increasing your engagement? Let me know down in those comments!

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