It has been 12 hours since I finished Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson.

While I am decompresing, I need to let out my thoughts.

I will start with what I did not like, just to get it out of the way.

I did not like Venli.

Maybe not “dislike” Venli as a character, per se, but I just felt like so much of her stuff was forced on us.

Like all of her flashback chapters.

That didn’t even start until page 600.

I just don’t understand the need for that.

I’ve spoken before, and I’ll probably say it again, about how I worry that Brandon Sanderson is going to force all of the books in the Stormlight Archive to be over 1,000 pages.

My opinion on that is:

If it works, then okay.

If it doesn’t, please be okay with that.

As of this posting, I just started re-reading Eye of the World. It’s the only book of the Wheel of Time series I’ve read, and I’m out to finish them all over this next year. While I can already see the influence of this on Brandon’s own work — particularly considering the fact that Brandon finished that series — this was just the first time I felt like there was too much expository information.

Especially considering the fact this information is basically stuff we already know from Eshonai.

I understand how he changed things around, how he moved some stuff up to Words of Radiance that has, in turn, made that book so much better. To me, there’s changes I feel he should have made here in Rhythm of War that would have matched up to that. It isn’t that I think there’s nothing interesting about Venli or the singers or anything, I just felt like there was too much of it, and — 

All of the flashbacks in this book should have been either Raboniel or Navani.

If we even needed the flashbacks at all. Considering that they didn’t start until — 

In my chapter by chapter notes, I even mentioned our first meeting with Venli in Chapter 14 and said it would have been better suited as an interlude chapter.

So, that’s how I felt about her from the start in this book.

But Raboniel or Navani, I think, would have been a much more suitable “main” character that has all of the extra flashbacks for us. If flashbacks are going to continue in the series, I guess maybe I’d like to start seeing more than one character in that regard? You know, we didn’t see Venli’s stuff in here until the later portion, but if all of that was in the first half of the book, and Raboniel or Navani had had the second half flashbacks, I think that would have been good. Especially if the amount of what was used with Venli was still used, but half of that space was just taken from her and moved to another character.

By the end, I just did not care. And I may feel differently on a reread, we will see. Right now, I have basically read one Stormlight Archive book a year — each December — since 2017, so I haven’t reread any of them yet. I wasn’t really planning on doing so until at least the first half of the 12-book arc was done.

There’s also all these livestreams and extra things that I know big Sanderson fans are all over, and I haven’t watched any of them just yet because — this is my decompress of what I went through in that book, because it was very intense in certain parts, but I am not quite done venting before I start talking about what I did like — which is a lot.

I just heavily struggled with the POV hopping in chapters.

I feel like usually, it only really happens at the end, when there’s, like, so much happening that everything just moves really quickly and flows together.

For me, it didn’t feel like that in this book.

There were so many times when I just felt like it was jumping all over the place. It felt right at the end when everything was kind up coming to a head, but especially at the beginning when we’re first coming back with our characters, I just wanted to take the time to invest in all of their storylines from the beginning.

I tried to like it, but ultimately, I struggled with it. I had a lot of talks with Lezlie over at The Nerdy Narrative about this. She liked it, because she said that usually we go so much time between characters, but I guess I’m just used to that from all fantasy books like this that have so many characters. I mean, could you imagine if one chapter in Game of Thrones had Arya, Cersei, and Daenerys all at once?

That’s how I felt when that happened in this book.

There’s some big vents about it in my chapter by chapters, but it was not something that worked for me. I can appreciate anybody who disagrees and enjoyed it, but for me, it made a lot of the story a little more jarring. Admittedly — even in my notes — I wondered if my keeping of said notes made that less enjoyable. There’s every chance that is the truth, it’s just that I had to stop every single time the POV hop happened to recap what just happened so I could keep everything straight, and that ultimately slowed down a lot of my reading experience and pulled me out of the story every single time. My brain may move at 2 speed, but I don’t like getting pulled out of the story that often like that.

I can appreciate the cinematic quality to it, how it was maybe written more as a scene in a movie or show would be, but oscillating between characters like that works better in the movies for a reason. So much more happens in the written word, and it just takes a second to re-invest in a completely different headspace.

But on to some good stuff.

Let’s face it: Brandon Sanderson is a killer writer.

Ultimately, he could rewrite the telephone book and make it an incredible masterpiece.

My issues with the book aside, there were many many times when I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what in the hell was about to happen.

That was part of my biggest issue with Venli, was because literally every other storyline was just so much more interesting that any one of them would have been a far superior choice to follow more closely.

Let me start with Kaladin:

Listen to me, people of Roshar, and you listen to me well:

Y’all need to back to f**k up off of my man, Kaladin.

I’m bout to pull a Bastian and Never-ending Story this bitch, join up in Bridge Four, and whomp some ass, okay?

I was so stressed out with him the whole time.

But I loved everything that was going on with Kaladin in regard to the soldiers and mental health and the effects of war. Kaladin is one of the mental health storylines that I really appreciated from this book. I live across the street from a military base, and I have known many soldiers who have suffered from PTSD and I thought that was all handled very well in this book. From Kaladin losing his ranking all the way to him just… Y’all know he got wild over there at the end, okay?

So stressed out.

This Pursuer was getting on my nerves, Moash and them visions and all that other stuff going on. Kaladin thinking he wasn’t good enough?

You come to me when you don’t feel good enough, Mr. Kaladin.

All you Adolin lovers can have him, I’ll stick with the real man of the series, thanks. 

But the Kaladin and Syl storyline — everything about the bondship of spren and the idea of slavery and choices and all of that was just incredible in this book, it really was.

I’m interested to see what will become of my unbeatable hubby in the future books, because I’m telling you, y’all people of Roshar need to 


You leave my man alone, and if you don’t, I will continue to enjoy watching him destroy your ass.

Except I’m totally scared he’s going to go down a path of destruction. I have in my notes when he was holding the body of Teft that this felt like an Anakin Skywalker holding his mama moment. That was when he turned in the films, and I worried that that was a major turning point for Kaladin in this, and not for the better.

I’m so stressed out.

I need for Kaladin to just…

Come home to papa, I’ll take care of it all. And if Brando Sando hurts you, I’ll write you a fan fiction, honey.

Now let’s talk about NAVANI:



And I felt so bad for her throughout this story with everything Raboniel was doing, but damn did I love watching all of that unfold between those two.

They sincerely had the strongest storyline of the book, as a whole, together. That’s why I so badly wish it had been one of them that had gotten more of the focus, because the tension here was just so formidable and incredible and I loved every second of it.

Raboniel killing her daughter?!

Everything with The Sibling!?

Just, everything going on in here was so wild with Navani, and I think she did a great job protecting her people. I loved the approach to her as a scholar in this book, and I love the way her mind works. I’ve enjoyed her in all of the other books, but I really think she strengthened as a character, as whole, for me in this book.

So good.

My love for Navani only increases my bitterness toward the focus on Venli, but I have to stop whining about that at some point.

I’m sorry.

Dalinar. Jasnah. Stormfather.

I love Daddy Dalinar, I love Jasnah, and I’m happy they were here.

Jasnah is a great character, and always has been. I love the way she’s depicted when it comes to being a feminist and a leader and a progressive thinker. She fights her own battles, and she is not a character to be messed with, I’m telling you.

I really liked the strengthening of Dalinar and Jasnah as uncle and niece in this book, and I look forward to see the familial bonds continue with the Kholin family.

Especially considering how much of a boss Navani is.

Okay, so, let’s talk about Daddy Dalinar and the contest of champions. 

Is this going to end the war with Odium?

Who will that champion be?

Is Daddy Dalinar going to be successful?

Is my heart going to explode?!

Just so much going on with all of this, and it’s like I’m still processing.

I went into this thinking it was Adolin that had to do that, but he’s on a whole different thing that I’ll get to in a minute. 

Actually, let’s talk about Shallan and Adolin.

Okay, Shallan:

Veil. Radiant. The Three. And what was she at the end?

I honestly loved the way Shallan and her mental health is depicted in this book. Toward the end, I had made a comment about how she started to remind me of Sibil. Sibil was a book I read in high school psychology class about a woman who suffered from sixteen different personalities. It was also a movie with Sally Field back in the 80’s, but the book… stuck with me.

Shallan reminded me so much about certain parts of that book during Sibil’s interviews with the different psychologists.

Her fear of her past, everything about not wanting Adolin to know her secrets, all of it.

I loved it.

She’s sneaky as hell and she kind of got herself into a bit of a mess with everything in this book, but I think it was all handled really well and I think we’re going to go back to Shallan just being Shallan in the future books.

With her man Adolin by her side.

I’ve already barfed from the romance, but let’s talk about this little trial and everything going on with the honorspren and the highspren and all the spren.

My lord.

I’m just stressed out from this book, y’all.

The Adolin storyline was pretty minuscule in this story in comparison to everything else, I think, but the Trial by Witness was a very intense part at the end, there.

I’m just so stressed!

I don’t know how else to say anything.


Is a dick. That’s all I have to say.

And Taravangian becoming Odium?

I’m so stressed out.

What is going to happen in Book 5?!

As for me, I think that’s all I have to say as far as finishing this book twelve hours ago.

What did you think?



Wow, what an opening.

Tthe arguments between Navani and Gavilar were awesome.

I can’t believe the king is dead. I can’t believe how this book has started. It’s been super intense already off the bat. So I’m definitely very excited to see where this book goes.

Part 1

Chapter 1

And this book is really coming in. 

We spent this chapter Lirin, the surgeon and Kaladin’s dad. 

I like his thoughts on what it was like to be a surgeon, and how he had to remove all of his emotions when he was going through patients. There was obviously the battle at the end of the third book that that’s cleaning up some.  We also spend some time with Brightness Abiajan and get around to Kaladin. He has obviously changed.

Lirin reflects on what Kaladin was like as a youth and who he is now that he is a person who has had the effects of war and death put upon him.

You know, talented psycho. 

Chapter 2 

Well that was kind of a big chapter to unpack. 

We see kaladin, and I love Kaladin and Syl. 

I think their relationship is so cute. 

So, Radiant Kaladin fights off the Fused.

And Shallan with some poison.

Little character hop here, but so far we’re still very much in the intro and the cleanup from the end of Oathbringer.

So far, of course the most interesting thing that has happened so far is the death of King Gavilar.

Chapter 3

This is the first time we come back to Navani. I love her. There’s a conversation with Kaladin. Dalinar’s there, and when Lirin came in, he didn’t address Dalinar as he should have and that upset Navani, considering Dalinar’s rank.

There’s a bit of tension over Stormblessed here and the mention of Edgedancers… I kind of feel like I should have read that novella, because even though I know I didn’t have to, I still feel like I should have.

Chapter 4

Shallan/Veil/Radiant/The Three/Everybody else is striking a deal under the guise of Veil. Things aren’t quite working out, so she has officially announced that she is not who they think she is. Now, I think she’s going to come forth with her storyline continuation. Nice to spend some proper time with her. 

Chapter 5

Big battle chapter here. My man Kaladin out there fighting the Fused. Leshwi… I’m so bad with getting back into the names, I should really write them down as I’m reading…

Oh, another random hop into Shallin here, okay. She’s Radiant, here, but I’m just thrown off that the random intrusion of her again? Maybe that’s just me. 

I think Brando has a really easy reading style, but I just read that chapter and am, like, oh a fighting chapter. It’s good and detailed and whatever, it’s just not thought-provoking yet.


Chapter 6

That chapter was a little bit all over the place, I’ll be honest. I mean, we started out there with the Shallan/Veil/Radiant with Adolin going over to rescue her or whatever and now she’s executing her plan of killing Sadeas.

Then we jump over to Kaladin a few times and ended with him and his fight with Leswhi.

We got some random more of Navani and how she’s just setting up troops or whatever.  But there is the screams of the terrified people that broke up the fight between Kaladin and Leshwi. And so now that fight has been called a draw for the time being so Kaladin can go see what is going on.

Chapter 7

Shallan/The Three come up in Ialai Sadeas’s business all ready to kill her as Veil. They, instead, have wine with her, and Ialai starts telling Shallan about all of this side plots the Kholinars have. She thinks the king should be Elhokar’s son, since Elhokar and Gavilar were the two kings that have both now passed.

Shallan agrees, but Elhokar’s son is 6, so Ialai wants Shallan to join with her to make sure the lineage stays correct. When Shallan tries to tell Adolin about all of this, Ialai winds up dead.

Then we have another freaking intervention from Kaladin which, I’m sorry is just kind of annoying at this point for me. Maybe it’s just because I’m keeping these notes? I don’t know, it’s just hard to remember everything by the end, especially when Kaladin just comes in with like two pages or something.

And especially when the main point of this chapter is Shallan and the poisoning of Ialai Sadeas, so why couldn’t we have stuck with that? I’m just finding that very distracting, and so far, it’s the only thing that I currently don’t like. 

Chapter 8

Even though I still wish he would not keep having these chapters split between Shallan and Kaladin, I enjoyed this one. 

We see Kaladin face off with Moash, when Moaosh doesn’t want to fight him, but it’s like making him want to be dead anyway. 

So Kaladin is thinking about dying now, I don’t really know what’s going on with him.

But then we go back to Shallan with Sadeas, and she and Adololin are going through her belongings now that she’s dead.

That’s about where we’re at, but I just… I can’t really remember any of the previous books having these chapter split POVs like this? At least not to the extent of, like, being 120 pages in and really annoyed by it. I can’t think that this was like this before because if it bothers me this much now I can’t imagine that it didn’t bother me before? 

But it’s definitely bothering me this time, because I just feel like the events that are happening in Shallan and Kaladin’s lives are good enough to just withhold full chapters themselves? 

I don’t really like that each chapter has, like, a random page and a half to two page interlude checking in with that other character, when we can just wait and get a full chapter with just them.

So far, that remains my only issue.

Chapter 9

Another random note is that I don’t know why he sometimes italicizes Fourth Bridge and sometimes not.

At the beginning of this chapter (since Brando Sando is doing these multiple POV chapters that I have since confirmed have not happened before and can reconfirm it’s the only thing I don’t like so far), Kaladin is all in his head because of Moash and all of the times he’s frozen in battle. He wonders who he’s meant to be, and if he can be the hero that other people project onto him.

The middle section with Navani (which again would have just been better suited in her own chapter) saw her going through her research. I actually like the bits of research with Navani and what she’s doing with the fabrials and the spren and such — but apparently someone else doesn’t, as is seen by her mysterious warning at the end of her section there.

Sons of Honor, Ghostbloods, Skybreakers — all things discussed with Adolin and Shallan in this last section while they go over the mysterious death of Ialai Sadeas and whether or not she poisoned herself. Of course she has to defend herself against Adolin’s accusations that it was her, and she even went through the same thing herself.

Chapter 10

First of all, THANK YOU Brando Sand for having a chapter with just one POV in it.

Second of all, that was a really good chapter as far as development goes with Kaladin. He’s becoming a somewhat stereotypical “wounded soldier,” but not in a bad way. His character is just a good examination of the effects war has on the soldiers who fight it. He’s been relieved of his duty, which heightens his anger, and now tensions are building because he’s having a hard time accepting he’s just not who he was anymore. He doesn’t understand the importance of his value, and thinks he’s only worth something when he’s fighting — which has now become exactly what Daddy Dalinar is trying to save him from.

Chapter 11

 That was an all right, just kind of whatever chapter. At least it was all just with one set of characters again, but we hung out with Venli and the crew of other Brightnesses and such for a minute. Nice break from all the battles, at least. 

Chapter 12

At the beginning here we see some more of Kaladin’s attitude toward Adolin and the growing issues of him being a soldier. He’s very reclusive and doesn’t like to be round anybody, which is pretty standard for Kaladin, but I feel like he’s being a big jerk in this book. 

As for the rest, it was fun to see Kaladin and Adolin and Shallan/The Three all getting together and talking and such, and Kaladin meeting with his old soldiers. As of now, this book feels like both a lot and nothing at all have happened, and I don’t know how I feel about that. To me, so far, there hasn’t necessarily been anything AS gripping as in the lsat few books.

Chapter 13

Another check in with Shallan and thinking about everything that’s going on after the wedding party. I feel like there’s a lot of underlying things going on here but nothing is fully sticking out as a major plot line to me just yet. There’s obviously so much going on, but that’s almost the problem is just that there’s so much going on that it’s hard to focus on what’s supposed to be the most important part right now. Still enjoying the read because the writing style is always so engaging and it feels like we’re just hanging out with these characters, but I’m just not yet on the edge of my seat. 

Shallan’s talking with Mraize and all these other Brightnesses about Ialai and how she didn’t necessarily need to die and Veil is being crazy. I’m glad again that we mostly just got to Han out with one group of characters in this chapter, but I’m still hoping things start to pick up a little here soon. 

Chapter 14

This was an okay chapter, but one I almost felt would have been better as an interlude. It is fun to hang out with Venli and The Nine and see some more of the behind the scenes action going on, just felt a little maybe unnecessary for where it is in the story. Who knows, that’ll probably tie together more later one.

Chapter 15

This was a good chapter for me. From the start with Kaladin talking about pushing through the darkness and always coming out the other side and wondering why he never learned that lesson. I feel that in my heart. I also like the whole conversation about sprens and how there’s an idea of owning them. Is there a difference between having them as a pet and treating them as a living being is sort of how that read to me, but I like that. I also like the further development of Kaladin’s character with his struggles as a warrior, because I feel like he’s changed so much from the Kaladin we first met and I’m empathetic toward the things he’s gone through and the way he’s feeling now.

Chapter 16 

I liked this chapter with Navani. It was nice to see her reflect on her husband, come face-to-face with Szeth who killed him, and even thinking about the death of her son Elhokar and everything that’s changed in her life because of it. She’s a complex character and I think she’s always been one of my favorite. She’s a really good strong mother character, and she just wants what’s best for the world. It sucks that she’s had to go through so much of the pain she has, but that’s part of what makes her such a strong character, in the end.

Chapter 17

Hanging out with the Kholin’s in this chapter. There’s obviously some family tension going on here with everybody, and some wondering about whether or not it should be Jasnah still on the throne. I love her, as a side note, because I haven’t said much about her in this review, but she’s great. I love how she challenges all the social norms and everything she represents. This chapter just saw more buildup of the coming war. There’s some thoughts about Wit and his effect on Jasnah, and even seeing a couple of Heralds in here as well. They’re trying to find a way to end this war with the Fused, but… will it work?

Chapter 18

I loved this chapter with Kaladin and his parents as he’s showing them around everything. He has his moments of reflection thinking back on his life as a soldier and how he’s changed. He has the connection with his dad at the end, when Lirin thinks no one has any more use for surgeons and they bond over feeling like burdens. That same connection obviously led Kaladin to becoming a surgeon himself now that his life as a soldier has been taken away from him.

Chapter 19

And there it is, the end of Part 1.

Things have escalated with Taravangian, and Navani had quite the intense conversation with him. He’s admitted to things accused of, and tensions all sit at a standstill.

But, Navani and Dalinar, you know… got it on in the end.

End of Part 1

First Interludes


Syl! Or Sylphrena! Or… whatever the hell her long ass poetic name was that I can’t even.

That was fun to see her talking with the Stormfather and talking to Dalinar about trying to understand Kaladin more. It once more brought up the idea of the treatment of spren, especially with how Syl wants to offer herself up to Kaladin the way she does. In other people’s eyes, she wouldn’t be owned and controlled by him like that, but in hers, she can’t think of anybody else she’d rather serve.

She’s also grateful to Dalinar for forcing the change on Kaladin, because even though he might not be the happiest as a surgeon, at least they’ve saved him from himself.

For now.


And I oop.

Just another person involved in the war whose name I can’t pronounce because Brando Sando is Brando Sando but this person (Sja-anat) wants to fight for Taravangian because he is a weapon.


Welp, Taravangian gonna die a traitor’s death and not have a funeral after they burn him.

Oh, well.

Don’t be a douche.

Part 2

Chapter 20

I like the plotting and development of Shallan/Veil/Radiant as the Three in here. They’re still trying to figure out who the spy is, and there’s all this talk about Mraize and she’s just developing into quite the little hunter herself.

Chapter 21

We got to see Adolin reconnect with everybody in this chapter, and I really enjoyed it. I liked his discussion with Kaladin and his whole realization of having never seen Kaladin outside of his uniform. How weird that was, to see him as something almost “normal.” And all of the women who fawned over him as their new surgeon was funny, too.

I also liked his little interaction with the horse and talking about how his father taught him never to ask someone to do something he wouldn’t do himself. His relationship with Gallant kind of reminds me a bit of Aragorn and Brego and I think it’s cute.

I think the end of the chapter was the best with his conversation with Dalinar, especially the internal reflections he has about his dad, you know, burning his mother to a crisp. 

Chapter 22

For the most part, this was just kind of a whatever chapter with Adolin. I like Adolin, though, so it’s fine. Shallan does find out — or at least thinks she found out — that the spy is with them on the mission and is using some cube to communicate with Mraize. So things are building up here.

Chapter 23

Aw, Teft.

He’s gonna be here as Kaladin’s buddy now in the surgeon world.

I also am digging this Kaladin storyline now with the battle-scar soldier now reunited with his family and tuning into a surgeon. So far, I’ve been enjoying part two much more.

Chapter 24

We spent some more time with Shallan and the Three here. When it was her alone with the Three, they were all kind of arguing amongst themselves about what was going on. Not really arguing, I guess, but there’s frustration over this spy and whoever got away with killing Ialai earlier on.

She also came clean to Adolin about stealing from Jasnah waaaayyyy back in the day, but even though Radiant reminds her that it’s a good thing, she still nows there’s many things she’s done that she can’t really tell him about yet. For now, I think her main concern remains finding the spy. And drawing whenever she can. Especially when it’s just for fun.

Chapter 25

You know, since I live literally across the street from a military base right now, I really appreciate the Kaladin storyline here. In general, I’ve been liking his storyline more and more, because I think it’s a really solid and accurate depiction of what people go through after they’ve been through periods of war. I’ve met a lot of soldiers living where I live for as long as I’ve lived here, and there’s a really wide scope of mental stability that’s found in those who have been through battle. I do believe that there’s something of a stigma around it (because of the stigma of mental health in general), so I like that there’s the topic of suicide being brought up here to be discussed in an open and, in my opinion, healthy way.

I’m interested to see what will happen here since Kaladin wants to “try something new” with everything, so I don’t know. I’m into it. 

Chapter 26

Shallan/The Three still over here trying to figure out who the spy is. They questioned Ishnah, Vathah, and Beryl, but so far, nothing is happening with that still. There’s still 800 pages left so I’m sure it’ll be a little while before we actually figure out who the spy is.

Vathah did bring up the three-facedness of Shallan in this and asked her if it was really worth having all those different identities. She says yes, but we’ll see how she feels after that question sits in with her for a little bit.

Chapter 27

Ooh, Navani getting span reeds.

Chapter 28

Ooh, someone’s really after Navani to release all those spren. This phantom person with the pen is probably the same person Shallan and the Three are after but I kind of like this storyline. In a weird way it reminds me of the house elf stuff in Harry Potter with Hermione, but… well, different but the same general idea of freeing beings that are viewed as less than. Does a flower grow without sunlight?

Chapter 29

Things are building up here. I like the relationship with Shallan and Adolin. How he cares for her and how he has his little thoughts of being bad in relationships but the things that make her different. It’s also interesting to see him process the Three and get other opinions about that.

Shallan is off trying to contact Mraize, and at the end, some humans come along, so let’s see what this is all about.

Chapter 30

The other humans do not trust Adolin, but I think he’s doing a good job at trying to keep the peace.

Shallan had a bit of a mess. Beryl is the spy — maybe — but now Veil is in control and I don’t even know what’s going on with her. Not in a bad way, she’s just got a lot going on this time.

The last couple of chapters have switched POVs between Shallan and Adolin and it’s better for me now than it was at the beginning. Earlier, I felt like the characters in each chapter weren’t even physically with each other, and these feel more like extended parts of certain scenes, so I’m with it.

Let’s see if Adolin can get the honorspren to listen to him — somehow. 

Chapter 31

I’m not sure why I’m struggling so much with the Venli chapters, but this one was still just meh for me.

Although, they’re almost in Urithiru, so once they hit, I have a feeling my interest will peak. 

Chapter 32

Adolin is so cute. He loves Shallan so much.

Veil let him know a little bit about what’s going on, and I think that was a good depiction of people who suffer from having multiple personalities. Discussing the coping mechanisms for dealing with past traumas made sense in that regard, and I’m happy that it’s being portrayed in a light that shows support for mental instability on Adolin’s part. This, in my opinion, links up with the depiction of depression from soldiers who have been in battle, and I think there’s positive conversation starting in this book in regard to the importance of mental health, and I’m appreciative of this for that. 

Chapter 33

A very short chapter here, but I love Kaladin and how he’s dealing with mental health. The squad is stronger than the individual for the win.

Chapter 34

Cute little chapter with Shallan and Adolin there. Shallan is hiding because she’s scared for Adolin to see the real her, and apart from her inner battle about whether Beryl is the spy or not, she eventually comes out and talks with Adolin. He brings her to a place where he knows she’ll have to draw, and that brings her back to him. They have a cute little bonding conversation about past loves and weird people, and their love tightens at the end.

Chapter 35

Adolin was pretty outnumbered there with the Tukari soldiers, but after a battle, he — well, he “won” but it wasn’t the type of fighting he enjoyed. It was basically just a massacre but he was helping out Notum and standing his ground, so what else does one expect?

It was a good battle scene. This is further proof that Brando Sando can make something last for 5-10 pages with the reader simply saying “that was a good battle scene.” Nothing too crazy pops out from the details, but it wasn’t so overblown that it was difficult to read.

Chapter 36

A lot went down in the chapter. There was obviously the immediate aftermath of the Tukari battle from the chapter before, but Shallan and the Three have a made a discovery:

It is now Pattern they believe to be the Ghostbloods spy. He’s been around Shallan for almost a decade and she’s starting to believe that it’s possible the spy is him. At this point, I doubt we have any idea who the actual spy is. Everybody else just seems like a red herring at this point, so I’m going to keep my guesses quiet until the official identity of said spy is revealed.

Adolin, however, offers himself to go on trial for all of the past harm done by humans. These spren in the human form aren’t messing around. There’s definitely underlying themes of racism going on here with the treatment of spren like slaves, and them coming forward to stand up for themselves and desire more.

We will see where this goes.

Chapter 37

Well, this entire chapter should have been just with Venli, and I haven’t been digging her storyline at all, so there’s that.

But honestly.

At this point, almost halfway through, I’m taking a full star rating off for the multiple POV chapters because honestly, it’s really annoying. Come on, Brandon, this is far from your first book. POV hopping within chapters feels like a very amateur thing to do, and I’m honestly surprised it was allowed this much in the book because it’s really ruining it for me.

But anyway.

We saw Navani, briefly, and then we switched over to Venli when there was an Everstorm and an attack, and then we went to Kaladin for some reason? Just to have him tell us there’s an Everstorm as well and he’s still defending his soldiers against his dad who says they’re worthless, but this shouldn’t have been in this chapter, at all.

Then back to Venli and she made a kill. Good for her.

I hope that the POV hopping doesn’t making me DNF this book by the end. I’m almost halfway so that would be a huge waste. At least when it’s stuff like Adolin and Shallan and they’re literally with each other it’s better, but otherwise — you should know better, Brandon Sanderson. Seriously.

Chapter  38

Navani is looking at the aftermath of the exploded fabrial and trying to get to the bottom of it.

Venli and Raboniel are doing their thing and about to seize the city.

Kaladin’s efforts with his men’s mental sanity has started to work.

Three completely different plots within the same chapter again.

It’s whatever. I’m trying to change my mentality about it after talking to some people and realizing not everyone is mad about it. I mean people are going to have their differing opinions as it is, but I understand that some people are happy they don’t have to wait as long between characters. I don’t disagree with that, because sometimes you can really go hundreds of pages without “seeing” a certain someone, but I still feel like the plot lines and the characters that are being interspersed like this are just so random that it makes it harder to keep track. Like there were three totally different plots to follow in here.

I also think part of my frustration is because I’m trying to keep this chapter by chapter notes and then it becomes three different stories I try to wrap up in them because I don’t want to have to stop 8 times in the chapter to wrap up the last 2 pages of whatever character I’ve been with.

So it’s whatever.

But it still feels very amateur. Especially because this chapter had the phrase “after what seemed like an eternity,” and that was my number one most overused phrase on the first draft of the first book I ever wrote. That was when I learned that it was not the best phrase to use and I’m judging you for that one Brando. Love you. 

Chapter 39

Teft has a withdrawal seizure, surgeon Kaladin tries to come to the rescue, but the Light he uses is unsuccessful in getting Teft to Lash up.

Trying the summary as the characters change this time and I’m already annoyed.

Oh, Navani’s got some stuff going on. She here interrogating the prisoner who doesn’t talk, Kalami the scribe calls her over to the spanreed that tells her the enemy is already in the tower (which was what happened with Venli earlier on.) They are “The Sibling” and something is happening to them, and then Red the Lightweaver collapses.

And we move back to Kaladin.

And I oop.

Teft has fainted not because of an addiction, but because all of the Radiants have fainted (since they’re all be affected by what happened from Venli/Raboniel at the end of the previous chapter.) Parts of Kaladin’s powers are affected, as well, but other parts still work, ish. There’s just chaos as they’re all trying to figure out what’s going on, and Kaladin informs Rlain they are being invaded.

Some of the things I was irritated about with the multiple POVs at least seem to start clicking in here. I had faith that Brando Sando would still give me a story I loved, I just still have some issues with the multiple POV thing. We’ll see how I feel by the end, but I also have a feeling it wouldn’t bother me on a reread. It’s mostly just keeping this notes I think.

Anyway, back to Navani. 

She can’t use the spanreeds, she’s gotten the captive to at least inform her that he communicated with the spren of the tower because since the spanreeds aren’t working she’s kind of freaking out a bit. But she’s invited the prisoner to join them because she’s not mad at him for doing what he did.

Back to Kaladin. 

Who wants to fight, but he can’t, because… Well, because of everything else that’s happened to him in this book already.

Glad I kept my notes as I went in this chapter, but it really slows down the read. 

Chapter 40

I think Navani is a good leader.

She’s connected with the Sibling in the tower now, and even though the Sibling thinks Navani has too much power, she at least convinces it to fill her in on what’s going on a bit. There’s a forthcoming Lady of Pains that the Sibling is very afraid of. Whatever’s going on at the moment is with the Surgebinding is affecting the Radiants instead of the Fused because of whoever this is. Navani convinces the Sibling to let her help, but she’s going to need a lot of Stormlight to succeed.

Chapter 41

Raboniel’s not wrong about humankind. I think it’s taking an interesting turn with her opinion on the Fused and the Radiants. The Fused right now read to me like crazy Republicans, and the Radiants like the crazy Liberals. There’s always going to be a war because there’s going to be the people who think they’ve done everything, created all possible things, and people who want to push forward to new horizons.

But, as Raboniel said in her ploy to align with the Alethi, that if you give a man a sword, they’ll find a way to impale themselves on it. So we’ll see where this goes. 

Back to Navani. 

She fighting for her life over here.

And to Kaladin.

I thought he was going to crack there when he met the Regal, but he didn’t. I think he will before the end, though. He wants to fight, but he’s delivering blankets — that’s not going to settle well with him. Especially after being accused of not caring about the parshmen from before, when he was basically the reason all the slaves got set free.

They done messed with the wrong man. You go get em, Kaladin. 

Chapter 42

Navani’s a boss. Just uncovered a secret chamber — would love to carry on with her story here to see what happens, but we’re doing the POV jump into Kaladin.

At least everyone’s fighting the same battle now. 

Well, Rlain has gone off to fight, and I’m sure that didn’t sit well with Kaladin, despite him trusting Rlain’s opinion and decision. Syl was sad here, though, and even though she says she’s just being affected by what’s happened at the tower, she’s sad. She doesn’t want to lose Kaladin and she’s realizing the cost of her immortality when she reflects on all of the people she has loved, served, and lost.

Back to Navani.

They were working quickly, but the Lady of Pains has stopped.

Uh oh.

And now we’re on to Venli to see probably what that actually means. 

Or not. We’ll just watch the Regals slaughter more humans.

And back to Navani. 

She’s going to surrender.

Back to Venli.

They’re going to meet with “Queen Blackthorn,” despite Ulim warning of her dangers.

They should be afraid of Navani.

She’s back now so we’ll see what happens next. 

She surrendered, under some terms, and she’s lost another throne. But she’s sneaky, she’s going to spy and try to get all the information she can — except Raboniel is already onto her. Raboniel has also offered her a job to allow her to stay close and spy, which is odd. But Navani is prepared for whatever, and she’s a boss, so I wish her all the best.

Chapter 43

Oh, Kaladin. 

He snapped. 

I knew he would! He hella fought the Regals when he thought they were taking Teft, and now he’s on the outs with his father because he “murdered” in the sanctuary, the place where they are supposed to save lives and not take them.

Lirin’s boy was killed long ago, and was overtaken by a soldier.

But I don’t think Kaladin is a monster, either. He’s just…

Well, broken. 

End of Part 2

Second Interludes


Well, Vyre is a tricky little one. This conversation was with Odium about Kaladin. How much more dangerous he’s going to be in the future now that he’s not fighting anymore. And the plot to send him visions, to find cracks in his personality, to “send him over the edge” as Moash said at the end.

Stay up off my Kaladin, kids. You stay up off my man. 


Aww, Lift doesn’t want to grow up! I mean, we’ve all been there before. She just wants to stay young and herself forever without having to change. Poor girl.

But then yeah, she’s aware of the attack and the danger there by the end, so I’m sure we’ll be getting back to her later on.


Ah, Taravangian, caught between Dumb and Stupid.

He has that conversation with Odium that reveals Odium can’t see his future, and he ultimately decides to enact the betrayal that will send him to his execution.

But he has not given up hope.

And I think there’s still much more to his story before the end.

Part 3

Chapter 44

Kaladin here just being Kaladin. There was a time in my life when I didn’t believe in crushing on fictional characters but I just feel like I want to run Kaladin down with some soothing oil and give him a nice massage. Mm, mm.

Chapter 45

Now we’re starting to see into Venli’s past, as well as some of the tension with her and Eshonai. We also meet her mother, Jaxlim, and we see her trying to memorize songs and stanzas about things she doesn’t really care about. Her mother reminds me of Republicans — rooted in tradition. Venli herself I’d think would be more like Jasnah, who’s trying to think more forward and less rooted. 

Chapter 46

Raboniel — the Lady of Wishes or whatever — is a right bitch.

I feel bad for Navani in this predicament, having to deal with all of this while her people have gotten murdered. The Fused don’t care, of course, but Navani is working on a way to get them out of this mess, and I believe she’ll find a way to be successful. 

To Kaladin:


Y’all better be backing off my man with these visions trying to get him to go crazy. I warned y’all in the interludes not to come in here messin’. Uh uhhhhhh.

You go get that Stormlight, that food, and them weapons Kaladin. Then you be you and you go slaughter some bitches.

And then come home to papa.

Chapter 47

Oh, checking in with Daddy Dalinar for the first time in a while.

He’s been given some misinformation, namely that everything back at Urithiru is okay, despite the lack of power for Oathgate. He’s on it, though, because his advisors are like “nah man something’s funky here” so he’s with it.

The Stormfather also gives him some visions and he’s starting to understand that his powers go far deeper than what he can do by simply holding a sword and fighting for the cause.

He’s about to whomp on Odium, I hope.

Chapter 48

Another look into Venli’s past and how things have shaped — for better or for worse — over the last nine years.

Poor Gavilar. Now anytime he’s mentioned I just feel bad for him.

Chapter 49

Navani has gotten back into contact with the Sibling for help on what’s going on. The Sibling reveals there are two still active Radiants that might be able to help — Lift, and my man, Kaladin.

She wants the Sibling to contact Kaladin. I have a feeling he’s going to think whatever contact is happening is due to his newfound psychosis. He’s about to come in right now, so I suppose we will have to see.

She’s just contacted him at the end, but Kaladin met a man named Kuno who is going to help him stay fed, at least. Kaladin says the only way to defend the tower is to either get word to Dalinar about the truth of what’s going on, or wake up the other Radiants.

Now I’m loving this story, and all previous issues I had seem moot.

Back to Navani, but I believe her POV is going to be both her and Kaladin, so we will see in a moment. 

They’ve talked, they’ve plotted, and Kaladin is tasked with getting to Oathgate and letting Dalinar know what’s really up. I guess I’m just glad Kaladin wasn’t questioning Navani being in his head. That could have turned this into a whole different mess.

In the meantime, Navani is also now looking for Lift, the Edgedancer, who I am sure will appear again soon. 

As a side note, I need to read that novella. 

Chapter 50 

Damn Jasnah is not a bitch to be messed with. She straight stabbed Ruthar through the neck when he thought she wouldn’t defend herself.

Serves him right, though.

I’ve always liked what Jasnah represented and the progressive mind she bears. As the first queen, she’s showing them all who’s boss. No more trial by sword, no more assuming women can’t do things just because they’re women.

At first I thought this chapter seemed better fit into Part 2 before Jasnah came forward and whipped some shit into place. Gotta love her.

Chapter 51

This was kind of a whatever chapter with Venli, but we’re about to go back into her past so let’s carry on.

Chapter 52

 This begins to establish Venli’s distaste toward humans, and some tension with her and Eshonai.

Chapter 53

I don’t really know how I feel about the Venli storyline. It feels really reminiscent of the early Veil storyline and those names are also very familiar. But with the spying and going back and forth between Raboniel and Leshwi and all this, I don’t know. She’s a false Radiant, it’s cool, but I think she’s among the weaker of the storylines in here, for me, so far.

But we’re also just over halfway through, so Lord knows what’s coming up next.

Chapter 54

Renarin and his dad (daddy Dalinar) talk about his visions and the discussion of Odium. I like the way Sanderson deals with the topic of religion in this series, the same as his depiction of Jasnah and politics and all of that.

Something like this chapter would touch on, like, divination in the religious sense and all of that or whatever.

I don’t know, I just enjoy the way Sanderson handles some sensitive topics, and I think the finesse he uses to utilize all of that is what makes people not fight over those topics in his books.

Chapter 55

I’m really curious what is going to happen to Syl with all of her connecting to her emotions and all that jazz.

Kaladin over here using his noggin and being smart with what’s going on at the Oathgate. He needs to go steal a spanreed so he can get Miss Navani a fabrial so they can figure out what’s going on with this Voidlight stuff. 

Chapter 56

Venli is not the last of her kind!

She’s also not as good at being a spy, I think.

She also needs to watch it with my man Kaladin.

Chapter 57

We take another look into Venli’s past here. Well, Eshonai and Gavilar at first, at least. Eshonai and Venli could not be any more different in regard to their opinions on humans.

I’m still feeling pretty whatever about Venli, to be honest.

Fourth book in, and hers is the least interested I’ve been in backstory. Her chapters also kind of feel a little forced, especially when it comes to the backstory ones. Like Brandon felt like he HAD to keep the theme of a character who gets backstory from years ago weaved in. Hers is just not the strongest story to attach to, in my opinion.

Chapter 58

I think Kaladin just met the Sibling? Maybe? He and Syl are off looking at the spanreeds and Kaladin cannot be tired — he must now be Kaladin Stormblessed.

Pardon me as I swoon. I love me my man, okay? 

Chapter 59

That chapter was stressful. I mean, Kaladin fought off that Pursuer, as he should have. I’m telling y’all to back up off my man. Kaladin Stormblessed be coming up in here slicing some bitches out of the way.

I’m interested to see how this all goes from here. This is the most interesting storyline, to me, in the book, what’s going on in Urithiru. I know Venli’s part of that but I’m still not over the moon about her.

Part of me is scared of what’s going to happen to Kaladin by the end, now that he’s getting back in his fighting mind. But I got a bed for you when you need it boo boo and I’ll give you a nice massage to help you out.

Anybody else wish they were Syl?

Chapter 60

Okay I literally back track on what I said about Venli.

She’s not my favorite by any means, but now that she’s met up with Rlain, things in her storyline are getting more interesting. Especially since he finds out she’s saved Lirin, Hesina, and, of course, Kaladin. Rlain knows what’s up when it comes to my man.

She succeeds in convincing Raboniel to release Rlain under her jurisdiction, but she’s realizing her selfish intents. She can’t truthfully speak words of freedom while she willfully allows repression.

Can it be that Venli may end up loving us humans after all?

(Although can’t blame her for her distaste, let’s call a spade a spade here.)

Chapter 61

Part of me thinks this Sibling is really annoying. I get it though but damn why you gotta be so difficult?

Navani touches base with both Kaladin and Raboniel here. This poor woman. She’s trying so hard to play both sides, but she can’t fool Raboniel at all. She doesn’t want to work for Raboniel the way Raboniel is trying to sway her into, and she’s meeting all of this resistance from the Sibling.

All she’s trying to do is protect these damn nodes or whatever.

Why everybody gotta make that hard on her?

Chapter 62

Now parts of Venli’s past — including the rising tension with her sister — are starting to come to a head.

Still not sure how I feel about Venli’s past chapters, even though her storyline overall is growing on me. I just can’t shake the feeling she seems a little forced. Also still can’t get past the reminiscence of Veil with her. I don’t know why.

Chapter 63

Still interested to see what happens to Syl as she begins to think more and more for herself.

Not too too much else to report from this chapter. Still Kaladin just trying his best. Bless his heart.

Chapter 64

I am loving what is going on with Jasnah in this chapter.

She is not messing around when she’s out here fighting the Fused. She’s proving why she’s worth the title she’s been given. This is another reason that I’m happy she didn’t die way back in the day. She and Ivory are out there just slashing at whatever and whoever stands in her way. 

She is, however, getting a little crazy up in here. I wonder if she’ll end up turning into Kaladin with this little thirst for the fight that he’s got going on.

I miss him. 

It’s only been a chapter but I just want to read about him.

But this is Jasnah and she’s just not as good as she thinks she is. So, hopefully, this doesn’t really send her on that Kaladin path because… she crazy. 

Chapter 65

Aw, poor Navani. She’s remembering all the times Gavilar was upset with her and talking about how she’s the opposite of light while she’s over here trying to figure out the source of light.

Raboniel is super annoying, so I hope she dies at some point. Which means she probably won’t because annoying characters add to the drama. 

We’ll have to see what’s going on with this whole opposite light thing.

Chapter 66

I kind of feel bad for Taravangian. He’s definitely, I don’t know. He’s sad, but he did what he thought was best. This conversation with he and Dalinar I think is him making peace with his own decisions. He knew this was going to be like this, that it would all come out against him.

Chapter 67

I still think Venli’s storyline is just so weird. I don’t know. Why can’t I get into her? I’m trying so hard haha. 

Chapter 68

More Venli and Eshonai and all of this. I don’t know, I’m still trying to enjoy her, but it’s just not my favorite. Maybe I’m just feeling a little similarly to the way I did in Dance of Dragons or with Dragons or whatever that Game of Thrones book is:

I don’t think this book needs to be as long as it is.

It feels to me that, since the previous books are thick like this, it almost feels forced to be the same.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the last 400 pages, but I guess I’m just feeling like, with what I’ve been interested in so far, this could’ve been written in 8-900.

It’s not that I dislike it… I just hope the remaining books don’t start feeling like this, especially since there’s a planned 12. I’d rather have a succinct story. The other ones felt like they needed to be the size they were, so that’s the difference in feeling with this one. It’s not like I think that over everything else.

I don’t think the Venli stuff shouldn’t exist at all, it’s just that it just feels like too much of stuff that isn’t interesting enough, I guess.

Chapter 69

I feel like this book should be highlighting Navani instead of Venli. Maybe that’s one of my main issues with it. Maybe Venli could’ve been in the fifth book, I don’t know. I guess I get why he thought she was more important in here, but I just think Navani’s storyline is more interesting and I also feel like we care about her more than Venli. Or I do, anyway.

I’m just rooting for her to win and succeed in everything she does in this book. I’d rather spend time with her, so if it’s a book that’s this long I’d rather spend it with more enjoyable characters, I guess. 

Ooh, we get to go back to Kaladin!

Chapter 70

My man.

Here they are giving him these visions again.

I keep telling these bitches to BACK UP OFF MY MAN.

We head back over to Navani. She and Kaladin are on their way to each other.

Oh, and back to Kaladin!

These bitches need to GET OFF OF HIM.

I’m bout to jump up in this book and whack these hoes.

Whatever, he’s a boss so he can handle himself. But I’m sick of this Pursuer bitch.

And this Leshwi hoe.

Like they’re making me curse in my review and I don’t like it. Even though Kaladin picked the fight with Leswhi but whatever, I’m still tired of her. 

Kaladin’s storyline be stressing me OUT in this book. What’s he doing with this high storm?!

Chapter 71

Daddy Dalinar is having his little conversation and reflection with the Stormfather. 

Ooh, but he done start talking like a thunderstorm putting the Stormfather in his place. Okay Daddy Dalinar. Step it up again.

Ooh, and he gets ahold of Kaladin!

Oh, shit’s about to go down now that Dalinar knows what’s going on. 

Chapter 72

Poor Navani, man. Goodness me. 

End of Part 3

Third Interludes


Szeth was here, and it’s an interlude chapter. But he’s got to know what Taravangian is planning before he kills Dalinar, so Taravangian better watch out.



It’s like this that I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s just a why thing. Like does it have to be here adding space?

I have some frustrations with this book apparently. But I like that we’re at least in these creatures heads now I suppose. 


Being with Taravangian feels like necessary space for an interlude. Especially because he’s had chapters like this in every interlude.

This is the comparison, that’s all I’m saying.

Necessary vs why.

But yeah the conversation between Szeth and Taravangian is good, I think. As is the one with Renarin. 

Can Szeth get in Odium’s visions?

Will he give Dalinar the sword?

Part Four

Chapter 73

Oh yay, we’re in Venli’s past again.

I’m already bitter at part four for not having Kaladin. But there’s Bridge Four. I mean I’m sure he’ll show up as a character but he’s not a POV so whatever.


Chapter 74

Venli in the present day.

At least her present day storyline is better than her older one, I think. Still don’t think she needs as much attention as she gets in this book, though.

And at least we get a nice check-in with Kaladin’s family here. 

And at least Venli is more supportive of Kaladin than Lirin is.

Chapter 75

Adolin is just enjoying all of his surroundings. What’s up, bro? Haven’t seen you in a while.  He’s just reflecting and catching us up on what’s going on in his life here.


And a trial that Adolin doesn’t support.

And we’re here with Veil.

Is Shallan gonna come around?

Brando is very fond of the word crystalline in this chapter.

Hunting a target named “Sixteen.”

I like the way Brandon is writing Shallan’s repressed memories and the character of Pattern. Even though there’s all this drama around him.

They’ve got to report to Mraize so let’s see where all of this goes. She found the wrong Sixteen. I’m just so interested in what’s going on with Pattern.

Chapter 76

I wish Navani wouldn’t be so hard on herself. Raboniel is just making it all so rough on her, but I don’t think she needs to be as hard on herself as she is about it all. There are other people who have definitely made more mistakes than her. 

Raboniel’s “tired of war.”  I suppose both sides can be tired of that, but I’m with Navani, then. Why not call for peace? Even if talks have been made. I suppose some of this will change when Navani figures out how to mix Voidlight and Stormlight. Because, yes, I believe she’s going to be successful in.

Really though what is going on with the obsession with the word crystalline in this part? The last time I noticed a word like this was when he way overused ostentatious in, I believe, Warbreaker.

Nothing’s as bad as the amount of times Terry Goodkind used the word “cascade,” though. I can’t even use that word in a story of my own because of how tired he made me of it.

I think it would be cool to, like, hear every rhythm or something at some point. If there were ever any films, I’m sure they would cover that well. But these would be hard to capture in film — and they better not start when he’s only on book 4/12. 

Oh, Navani was right and Raboniel was wrong? What a shock.

But they’ve discovered the Rhythm of War, so now we’re at least introduced to the title of the book. Things should start to increase from here.

Especially because Raboniel’s ass won’t leave now. She’s so annoying. “Rare for a Fused to be in the debt of a human.” 

Get out of here.

Chapter 77

Ugh, back to Venli’s past. 

Just, yawn.

I wish I wasn’t so out of it with her story. I just really feel like she’s making the story much more fluffed out and boring than it needs to be. It takes me out of the story every time, especially when I see that we’re going into her past. I keep hoping I’ll enjoy her chapters, but her past ones just bore me. Her present ones are better, but I maintain that she has way too much screen time in this.

Chapter 78

So, Pattern was the one who was moving around the communication cube, but they still don’t know who killed Ialai. 

She has her little conversation with Mraize, but something’s going on so she’s got to go. I also like that he calls her little knife. 

Character jumping again back over to Adolin. He’s trying to clean up a mess, as usual. He can’t (and shouldn’t) be held accountable for the ancient Radiants. We’ll see what becomes of this trial going on. I’m rooting for Adolin, but he’s still not my favorite like he is with everyone else.

Like, hello, why does everybody hate Kaladin? 

I am very interested to see what becomes of all of the spren and human relationships by the end, here, because I do like how that’s being examined in regard to things like slavery. 

And as soon as we meet The High Judge, we’re back over to Shallan. 

We thought the High Judge was a spren, but nope. A human.

Whatever could this mean?

Oh, well then…

Not a human, a Herald. Well, shit.

Chapter 79

Now we’re with Rlain and getting more into his head here. Spending some time with Kaladin’s family. It’s all good, but I think we all know I’d rather just spend time with Kaladin himself. But at least I think Rlain and this chapter is more interesting and beneficial to the story than anything going on with Venli.

Even though they’re talking about here up in here, but they’re just trying to figure out if she can be trusted as a Regal.

Can she be trusted at all? Who knows. 

Rlain doesn’t like the idea of relying on words that had no life, instead of on songs — I love that. I just love that. That reminds me of the Maori dance, “where there is movement, there is life.” A written word is nothing without a “vibration” or a “rhythm” behind it.

Dabbid says Kaladin is dying!


Chapter 80

Oh, yay!

Kaladin does get some POV over here. He’s probably going to be part of the “Bridge Four” POVs in here, like with Rlain a moment ago. Okay, well, at least I get to be with him as he wonders if he’s going to die.

He’s getting all messed up here at the beginning though and it’s stressing me out. 

He’s losing his damn mind over here with these visions while he’s asleep.

These visions are stressing me out! I don’t like people coming at Kaladin like this. At least he’s “talking” to Wit over here.

Wit is warning him that things are going to get worse, and I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t even want anybody else’s storyline, I need to know what’s going on with my man over here.

If I didn’t know any better I’d just think Kaladin had taken too much acid or something. But the dog and dragon story or whatnot is interesting. Is Kaladin going to consider himself a failure? Will things get better? Worse first, but better after?

He’s going to rise.

Chapter 81

Oh joy, back to Venli’s past. 

Or, really, we’re here with Eshonai right now. Which I further don’t care about, especially because this becomes another chapter with multiple POVs. And it’s multiple ones that I don’t really care about, so, there’s all that, I guess.

I just feel like nothing that happens in these is new information. At all. It’s either stuff we already know from what’s going on in the present day or stuff that’s already been gone over in the past. I don’t know, I wish I wasn’t as irritated by this storyline as I am, but I just am. 

Chapter 82

Radiant over here mad as hell at Mraize for not telling them that the High Judge is a Herald. Can’t really blame her for that, it’s made things a little more difficult than it probably should have been.

Damn is Shallan about to try and pretend to be a Herald in all of this? She’s got to become the knife… She’s going to get crazy up in here. Like she’s already a little not all the way there but now she’s gonna be damn crazy. Becoming a Ghostblood? Damn.

And back to Adolin because we have to have multiple POVs in chapters.

The High Judge is a dick, and even though he’s allowing the trial by witness, he’s already made his decision that Adolin is not going to win.

Whatever will become of this?

Chapter 83

Yawn, Venil.

Except for the parts here with Lirin. He’s getting all crazy over whatever Kaladin is doing. 

Chapter 84

A Navani and Raboniel chapter. Just a standard for this book, but a good one. I just don’t have too much to say. Navani is carrying on with her experiments, and she’s further impressing Raboniel. Are they going to be friends by the end of this? Now they’re talking about the Rhythm of War and sand and stuff so we will see.

Chapter 85

Aww, I really liked that chapter with Dabbid. He’s finding himself and his worth! Maybe he doesn’t need a spren after all.

And yay, Kaladin is awake!

These people better be staying up off my man, though, I’m just saying. Now he’s awake he better come through and start laying the whomp down in these last 250 pages.

We all know Mr. Sanderson, unlike Mr. King, is known for his endings.

Chapter 86 

Oh, but yay, back in Venli’s past.

Will this one be interesting?

Okay, it wasn’t bad. I’m not mad at what happened in here, I’m still just not overly invested. But at least I didn’t feel like this was just taking up too much space, so there’s that. 

Chapter 87

Ooh, the Trial by Witness! I’m ready for this. 

Wow, Blended really did Adolin like that. It’s hard because she’s not wrong about mankind. We’re so messed up.

And Notum?

What is going on over here?

This is like a pumped up Council of Elrond. 

Adolin is tipping these honorspren away from him. I’m stressed out.

Let’s see what Shallan has to say.

Oooh, she and Pattern are sneaky sneaky over here.

At least they’re back to kind of getting along with each other. I’m more invested in this storyline and Adolin’s than I am with Venli.

Chapter 88

Oh, look who’s back.

Although this is Eshonai, not Venli. It’s an all right chapter, but hasn’t done anything to change my opinion about all the things happening in this storyline.

Chapter 89

See, I’m saying Navani and Raboniel will end up being friends by the time all of this is over. 

I like this chapter and this storyline. Especially here with everything about Rhythm of War and Odium and Honor and everything — this is why I’m saying Navani would have been such a better “main” character for this. Venli’s stuff is just not strong enough compared to literally EVERYTHING else happening.

Navani is the Voice of Lights now. See, she’s such a boss.

All this going on with the Sibling is stressful, too. 

Ooh, lights and vibrations. Love what’s going on here.


Not with Venli.

Chapter 90

Oh, back to Adolin! What’s going to happen with this stressful business? 

Damn, he is just fighting a losing battle. I mean, he knows this, we know this, but… will he be successful in the end?

Kind of hope so, or else it’s a little drawn out for an argument he’s not even going to win.

What’s going on with Shallan? 



Adolin said Jasnah might have done better, and I wonder why she didn’t try and do this?

Oh, right, because Shallan is… well, is she going to kill Kelek? I suppose that is now the question at hand.

Chapter 91

I like these parts with the Bridge Four crew. Even though we’re in Teft’s POV here, we get to spend some time with my awake man Kaladin.

But I just like that they’re all realizing their worth. The worth my man saw in them from the start because he’s just perfect.

Le sigh.

No he’s not, but he is for me.

Chapter 92

Back again to Venli, playing both sides like Veil. 

I don’t really know what else to say here. Or about her anymore, really. I just hope I find something to connect with in her story before this is all over. 

Chapter 93 

Formless over here stressing me out like everybody else is up in here. 

Coming over here sideways at Pattern… although they do still need to deal with his little backstabbing. But… is she going to kill Kelek?

I will have to see how this chapter goes.

I’m just getting stressed out in this book. And I feel like anytime Venli comes in I’m going to start getting more annoyed but I hope not.

Radiant killed Ialai?!

Shallan is over here turning into Sibyl with all the different personalities. That’s honestly one of the reasons I like the depiction of the multiple personalities within her, because I think it’s really relevant and accurate to how someone who sincerely suffers multiple personalities would actually act. Especially when it comes to creating more and more personas as soon as one becomes “not strong enough” to deal with something.

And that’s something going on here, the discussion of her weakness, especially with Veil. Shallan and her storyline has always been one of, if not the, strongest in this series for me. 

Aw, man, SHallan coming into all of her memories is really good. 

I’m going to miss Veil, though. Even though I’m here for Shallan just being Shallan and not the Three. 

Ugh I’m just so stressed out. Shallan didn’t kill Kelek but then Lusintia caught them and I’m just stressed out. We’re coming to the Sanderlanche so we will see if my star rating of this book goes up at all. 

Or not.

Chapter 94

Dang this thing with Maya is stressful. See, they’re the ones that suck. They’re the ones! Ugh, whatever. I know I’m supposed to get mad at this kind of stuff, it’s the point, but really, it’s stressful. Like the scratched out eyes and the screaming — am I reading a Stephen King book all of a sudden?

But yeah these honorspren are not the business. 

They chose… they were partners of the Radiants, not slaves to them…

Well, damn, this took a turn. 

That was a messed up way to clear Adolin’s name.

Super wild, wow.

Chapter 95

Oh, hey Venli, thanks for coming to slow the story down again.

At least it was just a short chapter. I just really still do not feel like any of this is necessary. None of it is exciting — or, at least, “new.”  

Chapter 96

At least now we’re back with her in the present time. Her storyline here is way better than anything going on in her past, and I’d have rather just kept her present storyline and — well, I’ve already stated that I think this book should have been Navani central. 

Like I can appreciate Venli’s desire to, like, find a balance with her past wrongs and her present desires. That she’s trying to change and admit her wrongdoings and move forward and all of that. It’s just that her past chapters feel forced and unnecessary and that makes me just not care because I feel like it’s wasting my time.

But, I’m here for this chapter, so, there’s that. I like her conversation with Rlain. 

Now she’s going to try and go find her mom? Let’s see how this goes, then.

Maybe it’ll actually be interesting.

Chapter 97 

Ohhh, Navani is making sound out of light.

She is such a boss, I’m telling you.

I hope she’s the main in the next book, but it’ll probably be Adolin.


Sorry, I let that out. I’m just really into what’s going on with Navani and Raboniel, and they’re getting most of the attention, I feel, anyway, so that’s why I don’t understand why we couldn’t have just kept the focus where it feels like it needs to be.

Oh, well, Raboniel damn near blew herself up. 

Oh and then she stabbed her daughter through the chest, okay. Yeah, she’s losing her mind over here. But, like, it was beautiful at the same time. I’m just so stressed out.  

I’m so stressed out.

Destroying Radiant spren.

I’m just stressed out.

End of Part 4

Last Interludes


Aw, I like this conversation with Hesina and Lirin. 

Especially with Lirin seeing the positives of his son, Mr. Stormblessed, who is going to be Stormblessed-Stillman. Or I can just be Stormblessed, that’s fine. 


Sometimes I wish all the interludes were people that we know and like. It’s just hard when I already feel so much frustration about stuff I feel is pointless, so some of these one-time-character interlude chapters feel a little frustrating because of that. 


Taravangian chapter, I don’t know what else to say, I think he might get POV chapters in the next part — 

Although I don’t see Venli’s name up there, which is actually really frustrating with the open ended ness of her story because I don’t want it to come back in the next one because I don’t care.


Let’s see what happens with Taravangian now that he’s writing and talking to Sja-anat and all that business.

Part 5

Chapter 98 

I feel like Dalinar’s chapter should have been a little more intense here considering everything that’s going on. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me haha. 

Ooh, but they’re going to meet Radiant Sigzil, so that should be fun.

Chapter 99

Jasnah! What’s up, girl? Welcome back.

I liked this chapter with her and Wit. I don’t really know what else to say about it because nothing really “happened” but it was still an enjoyable chapter. 

Chapter 100

We are back to my baby. 

The Sibling let him know that the Radiants are all in danger and things are getting heated. 

They’re gearing up for a fight, I’m getting stressed out.

Like, what if Kaladin dies? Because Kaladin could die.


And then I have another book with Venli?

The conflict…

Chapter 101

Good chapter with Dalinar and Jasnah. We’re just moving toward the end so things are building. 

And I like the ending with Dalinar and Jasnah, so I’m looking forward to this development in future books.

Chapter 102

Okay, well, here’s Venli again, so, okay, hopefully we can get resolution.

Do I care more than I think I cared?

Oh and we’re off to Navani.

Damn this is all crazy. And Moash is so rude. But I mean, everyone has their opinions, right?

Oh, and then now to Kaladin which, hey buddy.


Again with all of this POV hopping?

Kaladin is Pursued. And the Pursuer is coming in for the kill so… I don’t know, I reiterate to stay AWAY from my man. 

Chapter 103

Things are getting tense with Teft, and now we’re seeing him find Moash.

Off to Kaladin with the Pursuer. 

And he’s not messing around, he’s whomping down on the Pursuer.

Oh my gosh I’m stressed, now we’re back to Moash and Lift and Teft and their fight. 

I’m so stressed out.

Chapter 104

All right, with Rlain here for a minute as things are building. I feel like these are the times the POV jumps work, when they’re all kind of interconnected with what’s happening with each other.

And we’re back with Kaladin. This Pursuer over here needs to watch out. Go get him, Kaladin. 

Oh, my gosh, death itself.

Kaladin, you are stressing me out.

Okay, I can be here for Venli right now.

She’s mostly just watching my man, which I’m here for.

Bac to Teft and Moash 

Okay, Teft is forgiven, and then… This is just so crazy. 

Oh, my goodness, excuse me? Teft is just dead like that? Okay… Well…

Okay, I’m so stressed out.

Chapter 105

Okay Kaladin, you go get the Pursuer. You turn him into the bitch, my baby. 

This is stressful, and now we’re back to Moash and I don’t know how to feel.

Ugh this is just so stressful. We all know Sando is good at the endings, so I knew the annoying stuff would be worth the wait, but so far it’s still not changing my overall feeling of this book. It just took too long to get here, but right now it’s worth the way. 

Okay so what? Moash is telling the Pursuer not to touch Kaladin? And then he’s going to kill himself on the path he’s on? 


Or Jasnah?

Navani, I think, who’s here right now.

Ooohhh, did she just capture Raboniel?!

Chapter 106

Oh nooo, Kaladin here with Teft’s dead body 🙁

Ugh, is this going to be what starts him down a path? Is he about to be Anakin Skywalker after he found his mom’s dead body?

Uh oh.

We’re back to Navani, okay. Oh my goodness, did she just kill Raboniel??

Wait, did she not?


Okay, she did, and she has to run? And end the war.

That’s like about to start.

Raboniel wanted to end the war, she was just crazy about it all. She wanted the singers to win, but one side winning is better than the war continuing forever.

Excuse me, say what?

Highmarshal Kaladin is dead?!?!?!

And now you’re taking me to Venli.


Is this foreshadowing?

I’m scared.

Like, come on, Venli’s, let’s get to going because I need to know what’s happening. 

Because Kaladin is here… so is he about to die?

Is that why this is her POV and not his?

Okay, no, but he’s here, and it’s the Pursuer dead, so… What was going on with Navani a minute ago?

Can’t care yet, here’s my man again.


Chapter 107

I’m with Navani again but I’m so stressed. 

Right, okay, I had thought she was stabbed, but then she said that thing about Kaladin being dead and now I’m with it again.

So is Navani going to die now?

I’m so stressed out. 

Raboniel to the rescue?

Okay this is wild.

Now she’s calling the Sibling but she’s getting the Rhythm of War.]]On to Dalinar.

Is Kaladin about to die?

We’re with him right now.

Getting tossed in this damn storm and Syl going wild as they’re just.

What the damn hell is going on here?

Back to Dalinar.

He’s trying to help but the Stormfather being a damn bastard.

But he’s kind of helping.


Ugh whatever..

Back to Kaladin.

I know this bitch is about to die I’m just not ready. 

What is Daddy Dalinar about to do?

Chapter 108

Okay we’re with Kaladin so… just what the damn hell is happening?

What in Roshar, indeed. 

That was a beautiful thing with Kaladin and Tien. 

Ugh, Kaladin. I love you. 

Chapter 109

Venli and Leshwi.

They’re off to fight.

Now to Navani its the Sibling.

How the hell is Navani not worthy?

Rlain over here being sad about Teft. 

And then more arguing and chaos in this madness.

I’m just stressed out, I don’t know. 

And Venli went and messed up everything again, whatever.

Chapter 110

Kaladin is reborn!


Back to Navani.

“Not worthy” or whatever. I don’t know what is going on with the Sibling but I’m kind of over here like… Let this bitch die? For real?

Okay but they’re together in light?

Over to Lirin…

There’s just so much going on in all of this my goodness.

But he and Kaladin have made up now and they’re doing their thing in their own way.

Chapter 111

What’s up Daddy Dalinar?

Who is this Ishar person making things more crazy on top of crazy?

He’s got Szeth’s father’s sword and attacked Dalinar but now we’re back with Rlain.

So much going on. 

Like, what is going on?!

Okay back to Sigzil and Ishar and Szeth and Dalinar. 

This is all so stressful.

Okay, Navani and the Sibling and the Light and all of this fighting off Moash. Who sucks.

But Navani is getting to work.

And we’re back to Daddy Dalinar.

And back to Adin, who, welcome back.

Oh, shit, the Radiants are awake.

Back to Daddy Dalinar.

All these experiments they’ve uncovered with honorspren corpses and all this shenanigans. 


Oh but he’s not sorry?

You should have died, but there’s still time. 

At least you’re blind.

Chapter 112

Starting this one with Daddy Dalinar, who even knows where this chapter is going to go. 

But Urithiru is safe because Navani bonded with the Sibling. Hooray for the good news. 

Oh, here’s Odium again. 

The terms of this little contest of champions is set up, so… we will see how that goes. 

Either way, the war ends, but…

At the cost of Dalinar’s soul if he loses? To become a Fused?

I’m scared. This shit is wild. Now Dalinar’s going to be a Fused, I already know. Dammit.

Chapter 113

Navani and the Sibling again here.

Okay so is Raboniel dead for real for real now? 

I mwan she said she would have killed Navani to get what she wanted, so… it was a kindness, just like the Sibling said.

Now on to Taravangian. 

 Okay what’s going on here?

Okay, so… Szeth killed Taravangian and Taravangian killed Odium and then BECAME ODIUM!?!

What is going ON in here?!

Chapter 114

Back with the listeners and my man Kaladin over here. 

And then back to Taravangian.

I just have so much to say but also am just so engrossed with it all.

I can’t believe what’s happening with Taravangian here.

But he’s not alone.

But now we’re back to burying Teft.

And I’m back to not liking the POV jumps because why are these so random again?

Whatever, there’s like 28 pages left I’m not even going to bother whining about that again.

They buried Teft and we’re back to Taravangian — even though these should have just been two chapters, but whatever.

But he’s with Cultivation, he’s going to “do better than Raise,” and he’s going to “beat Dalinar.”

I’m stressed out.

Chapter 115

What’s up Shallan again?

I kind of feel like this should have happened, like, a long time ago. Just like before all of the most intense drama in the book happened.

But now she’s officially at war with the Ghostbloods. Good luck with all that boo.

Here’s Venli again.

I’m glad she got back with her mother.

And I’m glad er Words are now accepted.

And I hope… she doesn’t have anywhere near as much screen time in the next book. Unless she’s more interesting.

Chapter 116

I like this little conversation with Kaladin and Dalinar. 

An end to the war is in sight, and I’m sure book five will be crazy.

Although if the end is in sight and there’s 12 books planned…

Now we’re on to the Pursuer. 

Who just won’t die. 

Or, okay, I guess he will.

And now we’re back to my man Kaladin.  

Briefly before we’re with Dalinar, who has reunited with Navani.

It’ll be interesting to see how this contest of champions goes.

Chapter 117

You’ve literally got to be fucking kidding me.

We’re ending this shit in a flashback before an epilogue?

What the fuck ever, wow, thanks for that. 

And, like, with Eshonai, even. Whatever that was dumb as hell to do I think but Brando Sando will do whatever he wants.

This is so stupid.


I feel like I wouldn’t be as irritated by this if I hadn’t felt like so much else was unnecessary in this book. But at least epilogues are always kind of represented as that, like something you don’t necessarily have to read.

This was better than that bullshit with Eshonai in the last chapter, so fucking stupid what the fuck.

But this at least acts as a good setup for the next book. I just hope and pray that it’s not unnecessarily long. Because that will be really fucking frustrating. 

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