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I am Andrew for those of you who do not know, and today I am going to be doing my definitive ranking of the 15 seasons of Supernatural.

I’m a little bit nervous about this video because this is my first attempt into really entering into the foray of fandom world.

I know that the Supernatural fam is pretty crazy.

And I use the word “family” because Supernatural is really more of a family than a fandom.

All I really have to say about that, to be honest, is that I completely accept and embrace all opinions that might disagree with my ranking…

But your boy here was there on September 13, 2005, when Mary first got thrown up on that ceiling.

And he was also there on November 19, 2020, when it all came to an end.

And I’m going to try to keep this ranking spoiler-free — that season one Mary thing is the first thing that happens in the show — but I just mentioned that just to say I spent 15 years of my life watching this show.

I had just turned 16 when it first came out.

I had just turned 31 when it came to an end.

And even if people disagree with me, we are all part of this family.

And although I will not at all even come close to trying to say that I am the biggest fan out there, I have at least earned my opinion.

With that all being said, here is my definitive ranking of the 15 seasons of Supernatural.

Let’s Get Write On In.

All right, welcome back.

So I’m just over here on tiermaker.com.

This particular ranking was the only one that came with all 15 seasons, so sorry, there’s a little language here, but whatever.

But one thing, before I even get started, but I like to tell people sometimes, especially if they’re nervous about the fact that there’s 15 seasons, these first five seasons of Supernatural were planned from the start.

This is what it was supposed to be.

When Season 5 was airing was kind of when social media was first becoming, like, a really big thing.

And they were pretty vocal about the fact that they were ending Supernatural with Season 5.

And the fans were like, “No, this is the best thing on TV, you cannot take it away from us. What else are we supposed to watch?”

And the writers were like, “We don’t know what we’re gonna do.”

And the fans were like, “We’ll stick it out with you until you figure it out.”

And then they offered up Season 6 here, which is my bottom.


They had a season where they were trying to figure out what to do.

And like I said, I’m trying to do no spoilers as much as possible in this video, but I was not into the Eve or the evil grandpa or the soulless stuff.

It was it was a very weak season for me.

I gave it a pass because of the fact that it was their first season outside of having anything planned.

So it was the first season that they were trying to figure it out, and just to me, that really shone through very obviously, that they just didn’t really know what they were doing in this one.

So it is my bottom.

And it’s very, very closely followed by one that I think is super commonly agreed upon…

Actually might even be worse than Season 6 to a lot of people and that is Season 7.

So, a lot of people who started out this show in Season 1 kind of gave up after Season 7.

Just because Season 6 and 7, I mean, ultimately really are the weakest in the show.

If I’m being completely honest, there isn’t any season that I dislike.

If I had to pick one that I actually did “dislike,” it would be Season 6 ,because I do like Season 7 just that much more.

But there isn’t anything in here that I would fully be like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s the worst thing ever.”

It’s just that these two were definitely them trying to figure out the direction of this show.

A lot of the fans who came after Season 5 and 6 and all of that came around during Season 8, which is going to be a little bit higher up on my list.

So next up, with that being said, is actually going to be Season 14.

I was not really into this one.

Apart from that little family reunion there with Jeffrey Dean Morgan returning as John Winchester, there really wasn’t that much in season 14 that had me.

I felt like this one was the most repetitive.

There was the Michael storyline which, again, I’m trying not to do spoilers.

The ending of Season 14 and beginning of Season 15, to me, felt very recycled from the end of Season 2 and beginning of 3, with everything kind of releasing from hell and going from there.

So Season 14 was just on the bottom there for me.

That is closely then followed by Season 9.

Season 8 had a great finale.

I think Season 8 had one of the higher finales, in my opinion, with the angels kind of falling down from the sky.

But Season 9 was just really not doing it that much for me, to be honest.

It was kind of one that, I mean, I just felt really “meh” about, and it’s the last one I think I’m going to keep in “Meh” before I start moving up here on the higher ranks.

Even though I do kind of look at them in sets of five.

Like, there’s the first five, there’s the second five, and then the last five.

And the first five was planned, the second five was figuring it out in the last five had its ups and downs.

But yeah, Season 9 was definitely really not up there.

Moving now up to the first one that I would say, like, “It was okay, I guess,” is actually Season 12.

Part of me wants to put this down in “Meh” as well.

But I did like the British Men of Letters, kind of.

It was whatever.

I liked hanging out with Mary, we’ve obviously met someone who went on to become very important in this series by the name of Jack.

And I do think that this was a like a pretty fun action packed season, if not maybe just pushing it a little bit with, like, the Hitler episode.

It was okay, I guess.

Yeah, this is a good, like, it was… it was okay.

But it wasn’t, like, the most amazing, like, “Chef’s Kiss,” like, out of the entire show.

My next up on the “It’s okay, I guess” list would actually then be Season 8.

And this, I think, is when the second wind of Supernatural kind of started going.

This was when we dealt with Purgatory, and that was a fun thing, I think to examine up on the show.

Especially something that came after the Leviathans.

One thing I will kind of agree with on Supernatural as a whole is that I do think that they missed out a little bit on their opportunity to examine all of these other religions, especially ones that they introduced in Season 5, which I’ll talk about more when I get there.

It seemed like they were just trying really hard to stick to, like, the Judeo-Christianity kind of theology.

And this one with Purgatory, I think it kind of went a little bit away from that, but still, ultimately, like it was just like, it was okay.

You know?

Like, it wasn’t, it wasn’t it wasn’t the Chef’s Kiss, like let me tell you that much.

The next one I’m going to put in “It’s okay, I guess…”

As of right now, I have still not completely fully decided how I feel about the last season.

What I will say about the last season is that the first half I was frustrated because I felt like, “This is your last season.

This is a short season.

You only have a few episodes.

What is with any of these filler episodes?”

I felt like the first half of Season 15 was way too many filler episodes.

First of all, I’m going to put it here in, “It’s okay, I guess,” just because I really haven’t decided.

The second half I did think picked up a lot.

I liked the resolution that we found with Jack and Amara and Chuck, which is all I’m going to say about that without any spoilers.

But that does also kind of go back a little bit to, you know, they missed out on a little bit of opportunity to take the storyline outside of just Chuck and Jack and all of that.

So I don’t — I don’t even know.

What I will also say, and before I say this, I’m just going to repeat:

I was there on September 13, 2005.

I was there on November 19, 2020.

What I will say of the series finale entitled, “Carry On” is that before I got on the internet, as soon as I had finished that episode, I texted my friend Eboni, and I said, “If you do not like the series finale of Supernatural, you are not a fan.”

I then get on the internet and discover…

Am I the only fan?

So I repeat:

I was there the night that this show started, I was there on the night that this show ended.

This opinion is the only thing I’m afraid of kicking off a fight on in the comments down there.

So I really hope that it doesn’t.

That was the best ending to a show.

I don’t care who says what.

To talk about how it’s Game of Thrones level bad?

I’m offended for that.

The season as a whole was okay.

But that series finale was a send-off.

Sorry, you’re not going to change my opinion.

But moving on, because I could probably be here about it all day.

I’m gonna move now up to the “Nice Nice,” and the first one I’m going to put there is actually going to be Season 10.

It could probably still go in the, “It’s okay, I guess,” but I do think that this is when the show started to see a little bit more momentum.

It began its second wind there in Season 8, then Season 9 was kind of like a little bit whatever.

I enjoyed Season 10.

I liked bringing in the Mark of Cain.

Again, though, it goes back to that whole Judeo-Christianity thing that was really the main focus that they stuck with on this show with angel fiction and everything.

Since they stuck so much to that theology, I just like the examination that they’ve done of it.

They didn’t include any other religions really after they mentioned it.

What they did do with all of the Christian themes that they have, I just think it was a really interesting way of how they examined all of this.

Season 10 also brought us the introduction of Rowena, which, she wasn’t my favorite at first, but she definitely grew on me.

And I do think that this season was, obviously in the later half of things, this was definitely when things started to get stronger.

Next up on ” Nice, Nice,” I am going to just put Season 1.


Here’s my thing about Season 1 is that…

Okay, I guess I should make a confession.

I gave up on Season 1 after “Bugs.”

Hear me out, guys.

I was watching that show week after week when it first came out.

And we all know that the first few episodes of Supernatural are very standalone, very monster-of-the-week.

And I was just thinking, “I don’t know how they’re gonna make an entire show out of this.”

And then the bugs episode came on.

And I was like, “Hi, they — what? I don’t think… I don’t think so… I don’t think so…”

I wish I would have at least finished that episode.

I’m pretty sure I went to go get, like, a bowl of ice cream in a commercial break and just never came back.

If I would have at least stuck around for the preview of “Home,” that would have completely probably kept my interest.

Because Episode 9 of Season 1 is when this series kicks off.

That is when they just lit a match and they went into a factory of gasoline and just BOOM!

And that season just flew off from there as soon as they returned to the scene of the crime from when Mary got thrown up on the ceiling and burned into a crispy fire.

So for that, I mean, it’s a “Nice, Nice” season, because it was kind of a shaky first season.

But it’s definitely up there, especially in comparison to a lot of these other seasons, because it was the intro.

This is when we met everybody, this is when everything first started to happen.

And especially toward the end of the season, it got really, really good.

I obviously only have six left, so I’m obviously going to be moving into my top top six here.

And this next one Eboni, if you’re watching, I already know you’re out there and you’re shaking your head because you know what I’m about to do, or what I’m about to not do.

And what I’m about to not do is put Season 3 in my top five.

Season 3 is number six.

And Eboni and I have gotten into many arguments about this after I told her what my ranking of all of these was gonna be.

And my thing is, is that first of all, I agree:

1-5 is 1-5.

The first five seasons are completely different than the rest of the show.

And even if you go to, like, a Supernatural Wiki, it’s even broken down by like, who the show runner was.

There’s like Eric Kripke, and then there’s Bobby Singer and Sera Gamble, and I mean all of these other people who have tried to do this show.

Season 3 was great.

It was a pretty fucking good season, yhat’s why I’m putting it up in here.

But Season 3 ultimately suffered from the writer’s strike.

And I understand that that is at no fault of Season 3, but it was a shorter season, and because of the writer strike happening–

Which was in 2007, so honestly, this is how long this show has been on.

It survived a writer’s strike, an end-of-the-show and people were like, “No, it’s coming back!” And it’s been moved around — Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Friday nights, like, I don’t even know.

It’s been all over everywhere.

Yes, I gave up after Bugs.

I came back in Season 3.

Season 3 really is a top season.

If it wasn’t — I mean, we can see kind of what’s left — if it wasn’t for a couple of these other seasons, Season 3 would be in my top.

It does have that really incredible jail episode, which is, like, the main one Eboni and I argue about.

It has my favorite standalone episode with Ghostfacers.

I don’t really like the episode where Dean dies over and over and over and over and over again, but Season 3 is number six for me.

Sorry it’s not in my top five, it but it’s pretty fucking good.

So you’re just gonna have to deal with it from there.

Next up my fifth, the one that barely beat out Season 3, Eboni, but it still beat it out was Season 11.

And this again goes back to the whole thing of the Judeo-Christian themes as seen in Supernatural.

That’s what they went with, and I’m judging it based on what they gave me, not based on what I wish they would have.

But season 11, we were introduced to God, officially, we were introduced to his sister — I was here for everything with the Darkness.

I love this season.

I was — this, for me, as a viewer, Season 11 was the first season since Season 5 where, I mean, I was there every week for everything, but Season 11 was the first one in six years, at that time, where I was not only there, but I was like, “Oh, Supernatural’s on in five… four…

Don’t talk to me until later.”

But it had me, I loved this season.

I love everything about Amara, I love everything about this season.

And yes, Eboni, it kicked out Season 3 for me.

I’m sorry.

But now we’re moving up into my top four, and all four of these are coming up into the Chef’s Kiss, so I’m gonna let you know.

All four of these are just… they were so great, and it is a little bit difficult for me to kind of pick which ones are best out of this.

So I’m just gonna whatever, but next up is going to be Season 13.

Season 13 was FIRE!

My gosh, Season 13 was so good!

The apocalypse world, the return of some characters from their, like, evil selves, I mean the growth of Jack from what we had seen of him in Season 12…

This season was fire, dude.

I love this season.

Just like with Season 11, this was the first season —

I actually think that I was traveling during this season, so I don’t think that I was able to watch it week-by-week.

I actually think that I had to wait until this one came on Netflix and binged the whole thing.

But damn, man, Season 13 was fire.

That is definitely a Chef’s Kiss of a season.

Especially for anything post-Season 5, Season 13 was incredible.

Next up, I am going to go with Season 2.

And part of me wants to put this one a little bit higher, but I will discuss my stuff with Season 4 and 5 here when I do it.

Season 2 was incredible.

And I mentioned earlier with Season 14 how it seemed that the end of Season 14 and the beginning of Season 15 seemed like the end of Season 2 and beginning of Season 3.

I still stand by that from saying that at the beginning of this tier ranking, but Season 2 with the psychic kids and the growth of Sam’s power and the strengthening of the familial bond…

Everything that happened from what John Winchester had said to Dean in the first episode when we meet the Reapers…

Like, everything in Season 2 was so good.

At least out of, you know, the first five seasons, Season 2 definitely was award-worthy.

Like, it was so so good.

Next up —

Okay, so when it comes to Season 4 and 5, my problem with picking between these two is genuinely that I look at 4 and 5 like this: like a little couple that’s right here.

Like I don’t, like I don’t think either one of these seasons could exist without the other one, and these are the only two seasons in the whole show — obviously there’s things that work together and not — but Seasons 4 and 5 I really kind of look at as the same season.

And I don’t know why, but because of that, it makes me put Season 5 just one little tiny teeny weeny little bit of a notch under Season 4, just because Season 5would not have been able to happen if Season 4 had not laid the groundwork.

But I loved both of these seasons.

Oh, my heaven.

Literally, like, “Oh, my heaven,” because this is when we were introduced to the angels and to heaven and Castiel, who I —

I’ve got a 2012 Chevy Impala sitting, I’m looking at it right now and it’s name is Castiel because it’s sleek and new and it wasn’t a 1967 Impala, so I couldn’t name it Baby.

Season 4 brought me Castiel.

I mean, in Season 5, everything with the Michael/Lucifer storyline, even the introduction of those other religions that we didn’t ever really get to see past all of that…

I just, 4 and 5 were so good.

And in 4, you know, especially with the 66 seals and everything going on with Lilith, I love the monster episode in black and white, I love that fear episode where Dean was scared of the cat, I mean, oh my gosh…

I could, I could talk about all of these seasons, all of these episodes for days on end.

I was just trying to make a short-ish spoiler-free video on the ranking of these.

So seasons 4 and 5, I do have a hard time choosing between which one I feel deserves the top-top spot, but as far as the top four seasons of the Chef’s Kiss, I definitely say 4, 5, 2 and 13 deserve, like, the top spots of this show.

And that is it there, everybody!

Here is my ranking of Supernatural and all 15 seasons, 330 episodes — I did not, obviously, rank episodes.

I don’t even know how I would start doing that!

I’m super happy to talk about any of these seasons in-depth, especially that finale.

If there’s people who want to fight me over the finale and why I think it’s good, I would definitely make a video about that.

I love this show.

This show shaped me so much.

I was here for so much, it was here for me for so much.

That’s why this fandom is so intense, because the people who stuck with this show have been affected in a positive way by it.

And that is also why I say if you disagree with what I’m saying, I would love to hear your opinions.

I just don’t want to fight about them because I know that this fandom gets really intense, but I’m part of you guys!

Like, I’ve been with Sam and Dean for a long time as well, and it was hard for me to see them go, but there it is, in that order, from bottom to top.

Let me know what you think down in the comments whatyou would rank these seasons, and if you would like for me to do any other Supernaturally-themed videos here on my channel.

Supernatural as in, like, this show, yes, but I mean, supernaturally-themed in general can work, as well.

Supernatural as a show, I can analyze and talk about.

Ask my roommate.

When I introduced her to the show when I first moved in, she binge-watched — at that time, it was up to Season 13, and anytime I came in the room, I’m like, “Oh, you’re on Season 4, Episode 3, about 22 minutes in?”

“Oh, you’re on Season 8, Episode 19, it’s coming up to the end of that.”

Like, I know this show well, so let me know what you think about my ranking and what your rankings would be.

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See you next time!

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