The end of National Novel Writing Month 2020 is in sight.

Some people are done.

Some people have barely started.

But whether you’re in NaNo or not, let’s talk about the plot of your story for a moment. 

At the beginning of this NaNo adventure, we went through our favorite plotlines of our story as we got ready to embellish.

So let’s take a look back at the plotline you’d chosen as your favorite from the start.

Is it still your favorite, or has another storyline come along and shoved it out of place?

How has the shape of the arc changed from what you had originally intended?

Has the change of this arc shaped your story differently than you’d anticipated?

Don’t let any story disconnects keep you from finishing out NaNo.

Whether you’re doing NaNo or not, every month is a “WriMo” — a writing month — so no matter where you are in your story writing, spend some time in your favorite plotlines, then get write on in to your daily session.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

My original favorite plot arc had be focusing on the relationship between Vaeda and Go’Ranashu. That is definitely still one of my favorites, although I’m not all the way sure I’d consider it a full favorite. Go’Ranashu himself is a favorite character, and without him, Vaeda would have crumbled in a blink. I’m definitely happy the honest between them continues as the story progresses. Vaeda needs at least one person he can fully rely on.

I think I’m more happy with what ended up happening during the development of Vaeda’s power. When I first started plotting out everything, that wasn’t something I had foreseen. I suppose his ability to raise the dead makes sense for the purpose of him being down in the caves. His inability to know anything at first developed, I think, a lot better than I had originally intended. Upon the reread and editing stages, I will definitely have a lot more fun developing all of that.

Overall, now that I’m done with the book, I think I’m happy with the way at least things went down. The relationship between Go’Ranashu and Vaeda was definitely strong throughout. All of the relationships Vaeda had with the other characters worked well. They had to figure out if they trusted each other or not while trapped in the dark. Although, I will say, I kind of would say I doubt I’ll ever do something like that again.

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