If you’re entering into the last week of National Novel Writing Month 2020, you might be feeling like your fingers are about to fall off.

Same statement could be true if you’re writing a book in any type of sprint fashion.

Whether your story is coming to a close or not, we’re going to kick off the final week of NaNo by revisiting the first prompt:

Character journals.

The first journal had us checking in with the character at the beginning of the story. 

Potentially before they even knew anything that was about to happen to them.

So check in again with them now.

Write out a journal entry in their perspective to see how they’re feeling.

How has this journey changed or shaped them?

Is there anything they would change, if they could?

Do they have any predictions as to what might happen to them before the end?

Spend some time as inside of your character’s mind as possible, then get write on in to your daily session.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

From Vaeda

Everything has been… crazy, to say the least. There’s so many thoughts and memories flooding through my head, but I seem unable to focus on any of them. Even the memories I do remember seem blurred and confusing. I know there’s a power and a strength in me, and I’m grateful that it’s coming more full circle. I know I am standing on the edge of success in my journey.

As hard as it’s been, there’s so much about it that I appreciate, in a weird way. This challenge has forced me to look inward. It has made me realize there is more to myself than even I knew, and I cannot be angry about that. Anytime I doubted myself, I faced myself. Anytime I faced myself, I found that I came out the other side even stronger than I’d expected.

The end is near, but I do not know what that means. Although part of me welcomes to the idea of death, another part urges me to keep fighting forward. I know I must at least find succession saving the others. Their lives are worth more than mine, and I can’t forget about that. The moment they’re free, this whole fight becomes worth it.

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