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Mr. Saturday Night?

Why would you name your horse Mr. Saturday night?

Your horse??

What’s going on everybody?

How y’all doing out there?

Welcome back to my channel.

My name is Andrew, for those of you who do not know, and today, I am just going to carry on with my review of/dragging of my 2014 self and the old writing videos that I used to put out during National Novel Writing Month of 2014.

This is also day 18 of No Shave November, and my neck beard especially is strong, and to the jury is still out as to whether or not I can or should shave it.

I did check the official rules over on the No Shave November website, and it does say that if I need it to shave for work to keep it clean, then I can, but I don’t necessarily think that that is a must for this.

And my friend Rachel says that I have committed and I must carry forward with the neck beard through November, and Lezlie at The Nerdy Narrative and Hunky Hubby Chris tell me that they think that I should go ahead and just clean it up.

So let me know in the comments what you think.

But as soon as November is done, I am done with this debate.

And I also don’t know why this middle of November decided to turn into a summer day, but it is toasty, so I have dressed down for this occasion.

Anyway, that’s enough blabber about all that for now.

Let’s just Get Write On In!

All right, welcome back, everybody.

So, I’m back just on my Andrew J. Stillman channel over here.

There are three videos left.

Today, I am doing one, and then in a few days I’ll be finishing off with the last two. The — one of them is 13 minutes long on those last two, so I’m not really sure how that’s gonna go.

But this one’s only five minutes long today.

So that shouldn’t be that big of a deal, I hope.

But the title is called, “On Horses and Proper Grammar,” and this time I actually think —

I haven’t set up the screen recording yet, I know, here.

This time I think I’ll actually leave in this is the channel right here.


And the title and everything.

I usually just leave in the screen, but here’s what it all looks like.

I mean, I’m gonna give myself a like, why not?

I am subscribed to myself.

But whatever.

This channel, this channel is funny.

But anyway, this is called, “On Horses and Proper Grammar.”

And before I get in, I have a prediction because I don’t exactly remember what happens in this video.

But I’m pretty sure, especially because of the part that talks about on horses, I’m pretty sure that I named a horse maybe in this video.

Or I did this video because of a horse I had just named for this book.

This book.

I had given the horse that my main character, Donovan, was riding around and it was named Myotomo.

And when I went to New Zealand, I was staying at a house with this lady named Ruth, and she was so nice and so amazing.

And she was helping this guy out on his farm and there was this horse that she was helping him name because it was kind of wild.

And I was talking about how the horse looked like Myotomo and Ruth was just like, “Oh, it’s interesting that you say that.”

Because where we were in New Zealand was called “Waitomo,” and she was like, “Tomo is cave.”

And that’s, like, what Waitomo is known for is the glow worm caves.

And so she was like, “I think that like if you’re cool with it, I named this horse Myotomo.”

And so we had a horse named Myotomo in New Zealand.

I’ve probably…

In this journal here somewhere, I don’t know.

Where’s Ruth?

The cow!

That’s a whole different story.

Yeah, okay, right here I found it in my my New Zealand journal.

“The guy who owns the farm of the horse that houses Myotomo that I got to name.”

Anyway. Let’s see if that’s what happens in this video.

What am I even, like, waiting around for?

I’m so stupid.

Hello again, everybody. Welcome. Welcome back to my NaNoWriMo podcast kind of I guess.

I’ve got —

Podcast. Okay.

–my root beer and French Vanilla.

Go get you some.

I should have got me some.

I didn’t get me some root beer and French vanilla.

I even found out on the last one.

I should have done it, whatever.

And I am about 24,000 words in right now.

It’s day six of NaNo.

So with actual NaNo being 50,000 words, and I’m at about 24,000, I’m about halfway through NaNo within the first week.

But we’ve already discussed that I’m crazy and I’m doing 84,000 words.

So, I still have 60,000 words to go.

I feel like I like my beard in this.

Like, and now that, like, when I first was doing these reaction videos

was when I had first shaved off for No Shave November.

So now that, like, I have a full beard.

I mean, obviously like I’m kind of self conscious about this part because it’s like super obvious now that I have major neck beard.

But I had this thing, this, like I said, this was a new beard, but I have this, so, I had this thing nice and clean when I first grew it out.

So props to past Andrew for beard cleanliness.

So I almost haven’t even started NaNo yet.

So I was going through the introduction to the ice kingdom yesterday, which is going to be called Parnalder, if you didn’t know.

Who would have known?

Who would have known that, Andrew?

Who would have known that?

Who knows that now?

If you’ve read the first book, if —

You do, now, by the way.

Whoever you on the other side of the screen, whoever you are. Now you know that I have an ice world called Parnalder.

— and mentioned to Vivandria being a serious bitch.


I remember Vivandria!

Hold on, what did I just say?

If you’ve read the first book, there’s a mention to Vivandria being a serious bitch.

She is.

I wrote her introduction yesterday.

She is on fire, but not really cuz she’s frozen.

So, I don’t know, I have to think of a different —

She is!

She’s a bioootch.

She’s, she’s cold.

She’s a cold, hard, bitch.

Also, if —

She is! I was very forceful about that.

I feel like now I would I would try to do like what I just did, like she’s a biotch.

But back then, I was like, “No. She’s a bitch.”

Oh man, but she is seriously.

If you’ve read Immortality Awaits.

In the same scene in chapter eight, nine?

Chapter nine, when they go off —

Wait, hold on.

Immortality Awaits, chapter nine.

What’s going on in chapter nine?

I know what’s going on, okay, where where am I?

–to retrieve the first object from Liarda?


Gabrielle promises her horse that if she makes it out of alive, she will name it.

Wait, wait, I haven’t found that.

Here we go.

Found it.

Okay, page 126, “‘Be good boy,’ she said as she rubbed his nose.”

This book is so terrible.

“‘If I make it back in one piece, I promise to give you a name.'”

Okay, okay, now I’m caught up with what I’m saying in this video.

— her horse that if she makes it out alive, she will name it.

She made it out, but she lied.

So yesterday, I was on the phone with my sister, and she likes horses.

She’d always wanted one whenever we were a kid.

And I gave Gabrielle another horse for their journey and decided that she needed to name it, because she made a promise that she didn’t keep up.

So I asked my sister to give me a letter. and I went through to try to find a couple of horse names.

There’s actually a website, well there’s a lot of websites, but there’s just this one in particular that I went to and I just found the oddest names for horses.

Hold on.

Okay, so “find names for your horses.”

Is this where I went?

And in fact is this what I did?

I think this is what I did.

Oh, it is, because I already remember talking about Midnight Express in this video.

So I would love to go through that right now to see what kind of horse names I find, but I’m now curious as to what names I talked about that day.

Baywatch Babe.

Apple Jacks.

Make Me A Star.

Be My Valentine.

These are horse names that I just found on that place, okay.

Good As It Gets.

Captain Canada.

Bite My Dust.

Expecting to Fly.

I will say, at least I, like, as awkward as I still am in these videos, that I was progressively getting less awkward from the first one, which I think is also the same that I would say still for this channel, as well.

So that’s funny.

Magic Star Pusher.

Mr. Nibbles.

Auto Rotate.

Batteries Not Included.

But seriously, who, who would give that to their horse?

“Hi, this is my horse, ‘Batteries Not Included.'”

I’m sorry if you’re an equestrian and if that makes sense.

And if I’m just wrong.

I apologize.

I don’t get that one.

Here’s a weird one: Tailor Made Fantasy.

Oh, that is kind of a weird one.

Mr. Saturday Night.

Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Why would you name your horse Mr. Saturday Night?

Your horse??

An Affair To Remember.

Why would you name this to your horse??

I don’t understand!

I’m not surprised that I made this video, actually.

Now on reflection of this, I’m not surprised that I put out stuff like this.

That’s like, “Excuse me! Why are you naming your horses Mr. Saturday Night and An Affair to Remember??”

I’m scared to keep watching this video, but it’s almost over.

I went with Midnight.



It’s the horse name I chose for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was Midnight, Donovan was Myotomo.

In light of grammar, I went and typed “whom” she had named Midnight.

And then I didn’t know if that was actually a grammatically correct sentence or not.

That would definitely be something I would get caught up in, in the first draft stage.

But that’s because it wasn’t my first book.

So if it’s your first book, just write it.

And who cares if it’s grammatically correct or not?

And you go back later.

I was also 24,000 words in on day six.

So I definitely had some time to kill during this NaNo.

–because I didn’t know if you use “whom” for a horse.

Believe it or not, I’m not the only person who has Googled that.

And it came up as one of the searches, “Do you use “whom” for a horse?

But mostly whatever it comes to is yes.

Yes, you can use “who” or “whom” for an animal.

They can be considered, I guess a person?

Obviously, this was recorded before I had my dog.

Oh, the little baby.

Oh, who’s the wittle baby?

Anyway, I think that sounds better than that.

This is what we call a complication of the editing phase.

This is also what happens when you write 25,000 words in six days.

There’s this little thing called sanity, and it just seems to dwindle.

Well, I think that’s about it for today.

So, thank you for watching and listening.

If you’re taking part in NaNo, I feel you.

Keep plugging.

We’ll do this.

It’ll happen. It’ll be done soon.


I feel that right now on November 17th 2020 so much more than I felt that on November 6 2014, let me tell ya.

Don’t name your horse Mr. Saturday Night.

I still agree with that right there.

Don’t name your horse Mr. Saturday Night.

That’s a terrible name for a horse.

That’s, like, a really, like, that’s, like, two men and a horse.

And like that guy that died or something because… he probably named that horse Mr. Saturday Night. And then like, it’s so stressful. I don’t know what to… I don’t know what… I don’t like that.

Okay, anyway, that one wasn’t as bad as any of the other ones.

I’m also glad that it was short.

The next one will be longer just because it’s going to be two of them, because I didn’t want to stretch these out into five videos.

And that last one, I’m pretty sure it will just be a quick little recap.

And I don’t think that I’m going to be as sad at the end of these videos as I was at the end of my blog, because I’m pretty sure I just kept these videos during that NaNo.

And once that NaNo was done, I was just like, yeah, okay, that was fun.

So like, there was only five, whereas like my blog was, like, I had put so much work into that.

And that was something that I really screwed myself over on, I feel.

But, I think the next one will be fun to wrap it all up.

And then it’s weird also, then that that’s going to wrap it all up, because that’ll be the end of this month of self reflection.

And believe me, yo, it’s been crazy.

Thanks so much for watching.

Thanks for being here today.

If you haven’t seen any of those other reaction videos, they’re interesting.

I don’t know, I like the blog ones myself, just because it’s been fun to go back down past things that I’ve written, including my poetry and reading from my poems out loud and like whatever.

It’s been a fun journey.

So thanks for being here and I will see you all…

I don’t know, I’m here every day this month.

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