All right y’all.

Halfway through the third week of National Novel Writing Month 2020.

Or, potentially halfway through your novel.

Or maybe just halfway through life, who even knows at this point?

I hope you’ve hit a stride, wherever you are in your book, but whether you have or haven’t, maybe you just need a little boost for your writing session today.

The last few days have had us focusing on our love for our characters and plots, so let’s show some love for my least favorite thing about writing books:

Our settings.

And hey, if I can find something love in a setting that is a cave where my character cannot see a thing, I’m sure you can find something to love about wherever your book takes place, too.

Is this a place you’d live, if you could?

Would you at least want to visit it and see what it’s like in person?

If it actually exists, have you been there? What would you do if you could visit, or how has a real-life visit affected the shape of your story?

Love the world you’re in, then get write on in to keeping it moving forward.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

You know, this book has really grown on me. Especially having it take place in a cave. That’s been a really weird and really up and down thing for the writing of this. It’s one thing to have a blind character, I think, but another to have them all trapped in a place where they can’t see. Especially one that’s filled with so much general darkness and despair as with the Lanniswell Hollow.

That all being said, I feel like there’s so much life in the caves. So much life potential, anyway. Caves in general have so much life in them, which is something I learned out in New Zealand and exploring some caves of my own, as well as whatever cave episode was part of the Planet Earth documentaries. Sometimes there’s life within the darkness, even if we can’t see it. It can be a scary-ass-looking life, but a life all the same.

I think that’s still what Vaeda’s searching for in all of this. What they’re all searching for. Just a life outside of the darkness that’s holding them back. To connect with whatever inner power is meant to guide them forward. They can find everything they need and more, all within themselves, and all because of the caves of the Lanniswell Hollow.

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