If you’re closing in on the halfway mark of National Novel Writing Month 2020 like I am, it’s hard telling how you feel right now.

Even if you’re on a novel writing journey of any sort, it’s hard to tell where you’ll be at.

Some of these prompts have had our characters looking at us as the authors with the magnifying glass.

Letting us know everything they didn’t like about us our how we were representing them. 

Today, we are going to turn the tables on them!

Today, we’re going to let our pesky little characters know just how much they annoy us.

Are they not doing what you’re telling them, even though you’re the one that’s supposed to be in control?

Did they give you too much attitude when you started to let them run free in your mind?

Are they just making your story that much harder to write?

Let them know how they can be a better character, then get write on in to your daily session.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

Vaeda is becoming very cyclical I feel. Or I fear, rather. He’s responsive enough to the things I tell him to do, and for a character that’s been constructed and designed out of the either, he’s not doing such a bad job. Apart from the fact that he’s really refusing to connecting with me, though. I’m doing a lot of effort and spending a lot of time trying to picture him, but he’s really taking this whole “I can’t see” thing seriously and not even letting me in on what he looks like.

These black energies that I’m writing about in my book are because of how distant I feel toward him. I want to feel more connected to him. I think he’s actually a pretty strong character, and I’d like to connect with him on a deeper level. Such is life, as with every other man, there is no deeper connection. Nothing more than whatever surface level crap he’s ushering me that’s supposed to help me make this into a good story.

Doesn’t he want to be represented better? Doesn’t he want people to be hanging on to every word of his story, scared they’ll miss a detail? He’s too focused on figuring out how he’s been wronged to think about ways to make his story more interesting. Only one of the two of us involved here actually cares about that. Sounds like he and my dog would be great friends.

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