Hopefully, by this point in your National Novel Writing Month 2020 adventure, you’ve written at least one scene of your book that you enjoy.

Same statement if you’re writing a book at all.

Authors have a tendency to become their worst critics, especially during first draft stages.

We know the stuff we’re putting out isn’t our best.

We know as soon as that editing stage hits, our hideous words will magically transform into glinting jewels.

The problem is, sometimes we can lose motivation along the way if we ever start to feel that disconnect.

Today, I’d like for you to pick your favorite scene thus far from your work in progress, wherever you stand on that.

Either write about why it’s your favorite, or take a break from the written word and act it out for yourself.

Connect with why it’s your favorite scene, and let it motivate you to get write on in to writing more just like it.

I’d totally pick a scene to act out for myself if I wasn’t trying to keep these so short.

Such is life.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

So far, my favorite scene has been when Vaeda is trying to figure out “eyes open” and “eyes closed.” I’m having some fun trying to figure out his little memory things, even though sometimes it’s a little circular. But it’s really fun developing everything going on without the main character actually being able to see. That was something I was a little worried about at first, but it’s proving to turn out just fine. Gotta take the wins when you get them, man.

Another reason it’s my favorite scene is because it was challenging for me. I don’t like setting, I feel like I’m awful at writing it. That’s part of the reason I took sight away from the main character in the first place, so he could basically be blind for me, ha. It’s fun trying to develop everything based on the memory that he can’t hold on to. That aspect of the writing challenge in this book has made me feel like I’m growing as a writer, and I can never be mad at that.

I also enjoy this scene because it gave me the opportunity to explore the cave they’re in a little bit. There will be more of that coming up, I’d assume, but it’s fun to take some time building things every once in a while. For someone who loves to read, I sure am scared to write out some details sometimes. I get scared thinking people will get bored, and while I do tend to overwrite sometimes, there are people who do love details, as well. So I’ve had a great time detailing out this cave and allowing Vaeda to find his inner strength through that exploration.

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