We are well in to National Novel Writing Month 2020 now, so hopefully you’ve done some good connection with your characters, plots, and settings.

I hope the same for you even if you’re not doing NaNo 2020.

Today, we’re going to do a bit of a double-dip and increase our character connections through a focus on setting:

Describe your main character’s bedroom.

Are they clean, or a total mess?

Do they even have a bedroom?

Are they one to settle, or do they bounce around a lot?

This is another place to let out some expository information.

Sometimes, you want to include every little detail within the actual manuscript, and it can take you away from the actual story.

So detail out one or more of your character’s personal spaces, then get write on in to your daily session.

See you tomorrow!

My Response:

Vaeda’s room is absolutely nothing like mine. Granted, he doesn’t exactly have a room in the story as it is, but back in his hometown in Hardmoure, he kept things tidy. Dark, but tidy. He didn’t have much, really in the first place, because he liked to keep things simple and neat. He’s never been one to put much thought into material, and outside of the necessities like a bed and a place to cook and eat, he didn’t need much.

His living space is also not the biggest. It would be akin to a studio that hardly fit the bed, but he felt comfortable in his little shell. There was always some part of him that wondered what it would be like in a place much larger, although a cave wouldn’t have been his first choice. He didn’t have many windows as it was back in his home, so the darkness of the cave doesn’t bother him in and of itself. He just had a very simple and plain existence.

His unit was one of fifteen in a subregion of Hardmoure, and it wasn’t known to be the richest portion of town. Hardmoure itself wasn’t too interested in the ritzy glitzy life as seen in the larger cities. There wasn’t even any carpet on his floor, just dirt like he lived in a tent. None of it ever bothered him, and he always appreciated his additional connection to the earth. He never realized how much he’d miss it until it was already gone.

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