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I also feel like I just sounded like a velociraptor. 

*Velociraptor noise*

Okay, that’s what happens when you listen to Jurassic Park on audiobook, apparently.

Oh, who’s this? 

Oh, hello. 

I just shaved my face for the first time in, like, six years, so this is what I look like in my 30s. 

I have some thoughts. 

First of all, I just got out of the shower, so, my face is cold. 

It was very strange to feel water actually on it, but I also think that I kind of look good. 

It’s weird that’s, like, my smile. 

Like, my actual smile, so it’s very strange. 

So, this is what I look like, without a beard, in my 30s.

Okay, I just finished out day one of The Fight to Save the Future. 

I think that’s the title I’m going with, it says “The Chase to Find the Future” on the actual document, but I think “The Fight to Save the Future” sounds better, but we will see. 

And thanks to all the BookTubers! 

Right now I’m on Abby Salter, I was on The Library of Allenxandria earlier. 

You two got me through today on this first writing session. 

And there’s many more BookTubers that I will be shouting out in this writing vlog. 

Today is the day one. 

I’m so tired. 

I have my second coffee here, but I guess just as a side note, I filmed my whole trailer this morning, I shaved my face this morning, I filmed the writing prompt, I did the writing prompts, and I did this whole — 

I did 2008 words in the actual book, and then my response was 228 words, so I did about 2,300 words today, and I’m happy with that. 

So, thanks for watching, and I will see you all tomorrow. 


There it is, day one!

What’s up, everyone? 

It’s late, I’m about to get write on in. 

I have to do today’s daily writing. 

I’m already kind of behind. 

I didn’t write yesterday. 

It’s only the second right now. 

I started on the 31st because I had to start filming all this stuff, so I’m, like, a day ahead/a day behind, so it’s crazy. 

There’s so much other stuff that I have to do this month now, I guess, since I’m doing the daily writing prompts, I still have my regular content coming out on my channel… 

And I guess it’s weird, because that now has become, like, my “job” part, I guess? 

Meaning that, normally when I do NaNo, I’m working in a restaurant or traveling. 

Those are really, like, the only other times I’ve ever done NaNo before, and so now, this time I’m still having to, you know, find that balance, that work-life balance. 

I’m doing other things as well as just writing this book, you know? 

This — I haven’t even turned that on, yet, but, um, I’m gonna be streaming some BookTubers. 

I did that for my day one. 

Let’s just get write on in to this session today. 

I also have to respond to today’s prompt, so, fun!

So, I just finished, it’s just after midnight, I don’t care. 

It — I didn’t finish the chapter. 

I usually, I do like to try and write my chapters. 

I’ve said on this channel before, and I’m — I actually am saying this to myself to practice what I preach. 

I don’t know what I was gonna say, I’m so tired actually I forgot. 

I know what I was trying to say, wow, this is literally, like, what it’s like to be exhausted. 

Some days you’re gonna write 20,000 words, and it’s gonna feel great, and some days, you’re gonna have to force out 1,761, which is today for me. 

And I’m already a day behind, but tomorrow, and for the re—

It’s gonna start picking up for the rest of the week, I’m just having a hard time getting started. 

But today, I was watching Lezlie over at The Nerdy Narrative this whole entire time, so, thanks Lezlie, for keeping me company and talking about books, because it was interesting. 

Tomorrow, and in the next coming few days, I’m going to have a lot better writing sessions. 

Today, it was forced. 

It’s 12:06, but now I have to just make the thumbnail for this, and the thumbnail for the writing prompt, and then those have to come out at six o’clock in the morning, it’s 12:06 right now. 

And then I have to get up at, like, five or six in the morning, and I have to subtitle and do the thumbnail for the video that’s coming out tomorrow, and then I have the dentist at 10 a.m, and then after that I have to record my next reaction video, and then do my writing tomorrow. 

And then Wednesday is when I’m gonna be able to get write on in to, like, really getting write on in. 

The life of the writer there, man.

Okay, well, it is three o’clock in the afternoon right now, and I’m about to finally get write on in. 

I’m only… 

I think I’m going to do a little bit of writing. 

I was kind of getting down on myself because I’m like, I really want to, like, write a lot. 

Especially because I’m posting it all, I guess, you know? 

So I want to have, like, a bunch to be able to read, but at the same time, I’m also trying to, like, encourage people, and remind people, and remind myself — sorry about the birds — that some words are better than no words. 

And so even if I only pump out a couple 100 today, I’d rather just do that than nothing. 

And honestly, today is November 3rd, and in an hour the results start coming in for the night, and I’m going to be distracted because I just want to know what they’re go — what’s going to happen. 

So I’m going to get write on in right now, and then, that’s it!

Uh, wow, okay, so that went better than I anticipated. 

It’s 409 right now, I wrote… How much did I write? 

2223, wow, okay, so there it is! 

Some days you feel like, hey, you don’t want to do it. 

Then you sit down to do it anyway and then you write 600 more words than you’re supposed to when you thought you weren’t even gonna hit the word count for the day. 

So there you go. 

There’s day — I don’t know what day I’m on. 

Whatever, there’s the end of chapter two.

How is it going everybody? 

NaNo day five! 

That’s about how I feel, but today, I’ve got my breakfast, I finally get to have a morning writing session. 

It’s 9:30 right now, I was actually about to start writing the book at, like, 8:45, but I have my friend E. Ardell, Eboni. 

I’ve talked about her a little bit before, she does all these little skits on her vlog, and we’re gonna do one for mine! 

And so this morning when I was showering, I came up with the whole script, and I actually just ended up writing that whole thing, and I’m really excited because I think it’ll be funny. 

But now I have some time to write, because I don’t have anything else to do today except for edit tomorrow’s video, but that’s fine. 

I’m not worried about it. 

But I’m excited to get write on in to NaNo day five. 

Today I am going to be binging The Bookish Mom and her videos. 

I — yesterday I-I was watching Jessie Mae, I don’t think I said anything about her when I was watching at the end of it. 

But yeah, Jessie Mae got me through yesterday. 

That rhymed! 

But she is the, uh, Shelf Space, that Discord I talk about, is the one that is hers. 

So anyway, I’m gonna get write on in to my writing, and Jessi at The Bookish Mom, and not Jessie Mae, is gonna be the Jessi that gets me through today. 

Oh, my gosh! 

I’m such a little poet and I didn’t even know it. 

Also, before I get started, YouTube just recommended my own video to me, so that’s cool.

Okay, well, I don’t know. 

I just wrote for an hour, and I only got — 

500 words?? 

No, you’re lying, what?? 

Just — 

Oh, no. 

Oh, my gosh. 

Oh, my gosh. 

It was the screen recording that just popped up, and I started that recording at 500 words, but I ended at a thousand. 

So sorry! 

I just thought that it deleted 500 words and that was why I just freaked out for a second. 

But I only did a thousand words right now, but I wrote for an hour yesterday. 

I wrote for an hour and did 2,300 words, so, see? 

It’s whatever, but it’s also only 10:26 a.m right now, so I have plenty of time for the rest of the day to at least hit the word count. 

I’m already behind today, whatever. 

Thanks to Jessi, The Bookish Mom, for keeping me company on this little round of adventures. 

I’ve just gotta start editing tomorrow’s video, and then get all of that done and so it can start to get uploaded, because once it’s uploaded, it takes some time before it does the auto translate so I can do my subtitles. 

So I’ve got to get that up and down and everything and then do tomorrow’s writing prompt before I can do any more writing today. 

Oh, my gosh, why am I doing so much stuff? 

It’s fine, it’s fine. 

All right, so, I set my alarm to take a nap for 2:05 pm… 

AKA 205 am. 

It’s 3 pm now, and I just woke up, and I just lost an hour. 


Except for it’s all right, because it’s just gonna be sleep I’m not gonna get later. 

So I have to film the writing prompts, and then I still have to do all of the edits for tomorrow’s videos, and then hopefully finish today’s writing. 

But I think that tonight, when I write later on, I’m gonna not have BookTubers. 

Because I love them while they’re on, but they’re very distracting, and they make it hard to focus. 

So I think tonight, just to get my word count out, I’m just gonna do some regular, like, music and Andrew just writing by himself. 

So we’ll see when I get to that later on, but now I have all this video work to do first. 


Okay, well, I — it’s not very late, it’s dark already because daylight savings time. 

It’s only 6:20. 

But I am just gonna do one hour of writing at 6:20. 

Right now all the Shelf Space people are blowing up. 

One hour of writing, and then I’m just gonna hopefully get my word count. 

I’m just gonna turn off all the lights, I’m just gonna be with the light of the screen, and I’m gonna actually just listen to some, like, yoga music or something. 

Got dinner, I’ve got snacks, I’ve got trash all over my desk, people driving around outside, but yeah. 

I just, I need to get some writing done. 

I’m tired, I want to get to sleep. 

I actually want to do yoga tonight, so I need to get to going, because I still have to make some thumbnails and do a bunch of other stuff. 

But I want to connect with myself.

All right, well, that was super fun! 

I like this computer light like this. 

This is kind of, like, mysterious. 

I look like such a writer. 

But yeah, so I just did, uh, 1,200 words or so, so I did 2,209 for the day. 

I wonder how many I have for the whole — oh, that’s not right.

8,275 words, how many am I supposed to have today? 


Oh, I’m only 50 words shy of where I’m supposed to be, okay, that’s cool. 

So I’ve made up — I’ve made up some time with some extra words, that’s pretty cool. 

Oh, I really want to write 50 more words right now… 

Oh, okay. 

There we go. 

I feel a little bit better now. 

Now I feel — now I’m on track. 

8,347 perfect, 12 words ahead, what’s up? 

How’s that for — how’s THAT? 

All right, well, I have to go finish the thumbnails for the prompts and do all the tags and SEOs and descriptions and everything else like… 


But now I’m on track for my words. 


All right, well, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. 

I’m currently sitting downstairs because my room is 85 degrees and I cannot be bothered to turn off the fans to record this. 

But I’m just gonna do a BookTuber marathon right now. 

I haven’t decided who yet, I’ll just say at the end. 

Gonna do a little bit of writing, and then I have to go to the endodontist because the dentist thinks that my one of my old root canals is failing. 

That’s not even a thing that’s interesting for this, but it’s just another dentist appointment that I have. 

I have kind of some dental work coming up this month, whatever. 

But I am gonna be dark on the screen again for me, I think. 

I’m just gonna sit in the darkness of my room with the fans on while I write for a little bit.

Well, that was fun. 

I did about an hour of writing just now. 

I watched the wrap-up videos for Abby Salter and Maddie at the Book Browsing Blog, as well as Jessie Mae up on the screen right now because I just finished. 

And I didn’t finish my word count for the day, but that’s fine because I’m going to write a little bit more later because I want to do another, I think what I did last night, put on some, like, yoga music for, like, 30 to 45 minutes and bust out the rest of this chapter. 

But I’m gonna take a quick little snooze before I go to the endodontist or whatever they’re called. 

And then I’m gonna come home and start editing this vlog right now. 

So whenever you, if you ever get to this point of this vlog right now, then you can know that none of what you have watched up until this point has been edited yet. 

And whatever you have watched I’m gonna start on next. 

Okay, I kind of lied, I’m actually gonna do writing. 

I’m gonna finish my today’s writing so that I can include it when I start to edit tomorrow’s writing vlog, today’s writing out, this whole week, and then the writing prompt. 

Oh, my gosh what’s today? 


Today’s day six? 

Okay, how many days do I have left? 


Okay, cool.

All right, well, that was fun. 

I surpassed my word count again for the day. 

I did 2,300 words. 

I was eating dinner, I think I undercooked my pork a little bit, so I might go cook that back up. 

I’m just gonna be editing my writing vlog and my writing prompts and editing everything else for the rest of the night. 

So it’s 5:57, it’s — it looks like it’s 3 am already, that’s cool. 

But hopefully, I can get to bed by, by 10 or so.

We’ll see. 

Ah it’s Friday! 


Any other YouTubers out there, like, the moment you hit record, people drive by? 

Just me? 

Okay, well, this is gonna be my last entry for my first writing vlog. 

Yay, this is actually, like, my first writing vlog ever, ever. 

I also feel like I just sounded like a velociraptor. 

*Velociraptor noise*

Okay, that’s what happens when you listen to Jurassic Park on audiobook, apparently. 

But I, it’s two o’clock in the afternoon, I just finished tomorrow’s prompt, my friend is coming over to hang out. 

She might pop on the vlog, she might not, I’m not really sure. 

Today is just gonna be my last writing session for the week. 

Even though it’s Friday, these these vlogs are Saturday-Friday, and then they come out on Sunday, and then I’m a day ahead, but then a day behind, and then there’s so much… 

It’s weird, it’s like my head is in New Zealand, because New Zealand’s a day ahead, and my head’s been in New Zealand, like, all month, for anyone that’s been watching me do that. 

But yeah, so, I just wanted to check in at two o’clock. 

I don’t know what time I’m gonna be writing. 

It’s not gonna be right now, but I’ll say hi again before I do. 

Also, look, it has been six days since I shaved, and look, it’s, like, almost all the way back. 

My hair — I wish this hair would grow as fast. 

Hi, everybody. 

Okay, so, change of plans. 

Stephanie came over and we ended up, this is wine. 

If you’ve seen that really God-awful character trait video I made, then you’ll have seen me drunk out of this wine glass before. 

But I just didn’t do any writing tonight, and I just had to come in and say hello, and say goodbye. 

It was actually… really, what I’m doing and saying goodbye, because this is my closing message. 

Dammit this is my closing message for my first writing vlog! 

This has been a crazy week. 

I don’t know what’s gonna happen for the rest of the month. 

I’m so appreciative for people like Lezlie over at Nerdy Narrative and Jessie at The Bookish Mom, and Liz at Galactic Reads, and my friend Rachel, and all these people who are just, like, here supporting me every time. 

I just appreciate it. 

People are busy, man. 

Like, really, life is hard these days, and people are busy, and it makes me really happy when people take the time to hang out with me and to see what’s going on in my life or to read what’s going on. 

People haven’t really been commenting on my book that I’ve been publishing this week, but I’ve gotten more hits on it than I’ve gotten traffic on any other — like, my November traffic has almost surpassed my October traffic already, and it’s just the first week. 

So, I don’t know what that means, but thanks, or, I don’t know. 

So we’ll see what goes on by the end of the month, but this was a really crazy first week. 

It was a little bit hard. 

Being a creative person is difficult, man, because you really do have this struggle of half wanting the world to be there, hanging on your every word, caring so much about everything that you do… 

But then you also don’t want that at all, because it’s really nerve-wracking to think about people being there watching you at all times. 

So, I don’t know, I’m in a weird spot now. 

This has been a hard week, there’s already been tears. 

Not tears that have been recorded, and that’s fine, there will probably be tears by the end of the month, but I don’t know. 

Right now, when I post this, I doubt anyone outside of, like, my parents is even going to see it. 

Oh, that’s cool. 

Oh, I can be a — yeah, oh, that should be, that’s gonna be a future book cover, right there. 

That’s just the wine talking. 

Thanks for watching my first writing vlog. 

This is my first writing vlog, that’s kind of cool. 

It’s going to be fun to look back on one day like I’ve been looking back on all my other stuff. 

And I am looking forward to next week, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this month, and I’m just thankful for anybody who’s been here with me, and anybody who’s going to come here in the future. 

If you want to write, if you are out there and you want to write, or you want to be a creative person, and you want to do anything, you just go do it. 

You just go get started. 

I promise it’s gonna be hard, but I promise it’s all gonna be worth it, I swear.

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