Week one of NaNo might be coming to a close when this video comes out, but who knows when you are.

November 6, 2020 or anytime thereafter, today’s writing prompt will bring us back to our settings again.

You may have developed a history or researched events based in fact, but today we’re going to have a little more fun.

Today we’re just going to pick one of our favorite locations, and do one of two things.

Either describe why it is your favorite location, to yourself, and elaborate.

Is it because there’s a memorial from the character’s deceased grandparent that brings forth its sentimentality?

Is it a place you know more of only as the author, but wish you could share it more in the story itself?

The other option is to detail it out in as much expository detail as possible.

Describe every color, every building or room or drawer, or whatever.

Spend so many words describing it — or just fifteen sentences — so you don’t have to worry as much about some of the expository information.

Picture the story, then get write on in to your descriptions.

See you tomorrow!

My Response:

I think my favorite location here is, or at least will be, Hardmoure. This is where Vaeda, our main character, is from, as well as Go’Ranashu, who is the only person he can trust. Hardmoure is a beautiful city that, quite frankly, reminds me of where I am from. I grew up in the foothills of Yosemite, and I thrive when I am among the trees and the mountains. I had to give Vaeda a similar home setting, because I think that’s what helps him connect so well with his inner self.

Everyone knows I’ve been reflecting on my own journey during the writing of this book. Hardmoure reminds me of the mountains of New Zealand. Those bring about multiple bouts of nostalgia, both because of the fact I had the fortune of seeing them for myself, as well as because of movies like Lord of the Rings. There’s a peace out there that’s hard to explain. Those who have seen it or experienced it for themselves know all too well what that’s like.

The cave is the total opposite of that. The stark contrast of everything in Vaeda’s life is represented by the darkness of the cave. In a lot of ways, the cave of course is a representative of darkness in general. Vaeda is also on a search of self-discovery as he tries to find and hold on to any memory that will present itself. Hardmoure is the root of all of that, a place he may never see again, but one that has molded every aspect of who he is, all the same.

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