Getting into the mind of your character can be a bit tricky sometimes.

If you tried out the character journaling prompt the other day, it may have helped you connect with the mind of your character.

Today, we’re going to tweak that exercise, just a little bit.

Pick a character — perhaps a side one you haven’t spent as much time with for this one — and put them in the hot seat.

Play a detective and interrogate your character.

Ask them the questions to the answers they won’t offer themselves.

Dig deep into their psyches to see what makes them tick.

Sometimes, in journals, even when you act as your character, there are aspects of ourselves that remain in denial.

This is an exercise to “sit your character down” and have a chat with them.

Depending on the theme, mood, and character, this can vary in intensity, of course.

But talk some things out, get some answers you might be struggling with, then get write on in to your story.

See you tomorrow!

My Response:

Character: Runavan

Me: Why aren’t you telling me what you know?

Runavan: *After a shrug* I have told you what I know. It’s not my fault you don’t want to believe me. My memory isn’t what it once was, and it isn’t my fault.

Me: Aren’t you afraid of what’s going to happen?

Runavan: Of course I am. But what else am I to do? The future is always scary, but sometimes so’s the past.

Me: I feel like there’s more to this that you’re not telling me.

Runavan: Of course there is, but why would I tell you more? Wouldn’t that take away the fun of the exploration?

Me: But I feel stuck sometimes. I feel like I don’t know where to go because I feel like I don’t know how to connect to people like you. People who know more than they let off.

Runavan: You aren’t as right as you think. While I know plenty somewhere deep within me, neither of us know how to unlock that yet. Until you go forth and explore, neither of us will ever know the answer.

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