If you are anything like me, bringing the “setting” of your to life can be challenging.

I’ve recommended before to think of your setting as a living being, and that is our focus for today’s three-paragraph prompt.

Any”where” you are in this journey — whether it be NaNo 2020 when this comes out or anytime thereafter — put a focus on the main location of the story real quick.

If the city, town, cruise ship, etc, that your story takes place in could talk, what would it tell you?

Choose one event that has shaped the history of your setting, and embellish on it.

The fifteen sentences today should see you exploring a war.

Or surviving a storm.

Examining the first civilization.

Or the maiden voyage.

Anything you want.

Think about everything your setting has been through, and write out some cool history, just for the fun of it..

Then get write on in to your book.

See you tomorrow!

My Response

The city of Raelevarre wasn’t always known for the darkness found within its borders now. Before the likes of men came around, the landscape was the most attractive part of this city. In fact, the beauty from the mountains caught the attention of men in the first place and encouraged them to inhabit the place. If Raelevarre were a person, she would say she loathed the day she was tainted by human kind. That she would have been better off if she’d stayed remote for the rest of time.

If Raelevarre were a person, she would cry over the blood that was spilled across her story. The wars that occurred, the battles that strung out over her land. Men fought over things like gold here, things that shone in the rays of the sun whenever they caught in the best light. Raelevarre, as a living being, does not understand all of the pain and torment created over things that glint in the sunlight. If she were ever to have any control, she’d have stopped this madness.

And yet, beneath this city, in tunnels and caves spread out into a spiderweb beneath her, people lay trapped. Bodies rot into skeletal dust as pain and torment permeate every corner. If Raelevarre were a person, she’d beg for the freedom of the people trapped within her. She’d plead for the injustice that occurred within her out of her control. She’d do everything in her power to free every captive.

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