Sometimes starting your writing session is the hardest part.

Whether you’re at for the actual start of your book, or if you’re just having a hard time starting out today, try out some character journaling.

If you’re starting fresh, what’s your point of view character’s life like before it’s about to change?

Do they know what’s about to happen?

What do they normally care about, and how might the upcoming events change or influence them?

Just three paragraphs here, five sentences per paragraph should do.

Feel free to go wild and do as much as you would like, even if this counts for your daily 1,667 word goal.

I did it once where I alternated characters daily for about a week and color-coded who was up.

Have fun with this, don’t stress yourself out, and get write on in.

My Response:


Sometimes I don’t remember what it was like to be a child. Various memories drift in and out of my mind at random, but I struggle to grab hold of any memory and make it tangible. When I close my eyes and try to think of the path that has led me to my present, I feel nothing. There are times when I wonder if that darkness is a part of me, keeping me in balance. There are others when I feel like it defines me and controls my life.

I long to reconnect with that part of myself. The freedom of childhood, always taken for granted, never to return or repeat. I wonder about the mistakes I’ve made, bitter pangs of agony and torment that annihilate my insides as I try to piece together their happenings. Why have I always kept myself so distant from my own identity? Why was I always so scared to simply… step into the light?

It’s hard to explain where I feel the makings of truth. There are layers within me, parts of myself I have yet to access that will accelerate my very being. How am I meant to feel about that? How am I supposed to be strong, rise to the occasion, when nobody cares? What can I do to make a difference when nobody is even here to listen?

Read the first chapter of The Fight to Save the Future here.

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