Pyresouls Apocalypse Spoiler-Free Review

Pyresouls Apocalypse by James T. Callum is a great book. Admittedly, it was my first in the Literary Role Playing Game — or LitRPG — genre. 

For those of you who do not know, LitRPG’s are basically books written out as video games.

In a nutshell.

I’ve had a lot of people recommend that I get into Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve always felt intimidated and like I didn’t have the time. When it comes to video games, I like to watch people play. I don’t always like to play so much. Usually, it depends on the game, but if it were a game like the one we see in this book — full of action, drama, and death — I don’t know. Sometimes I can’t hang.

Since I enjoy watching the games, that really helped me enjoy this book. I have written throughout my notes, multiple times, that I felt like I was just kicking back on the couch and watching a buddy play a video game while I read this book. I mean that in the best way possible, as well. 

There is intrigue with the relationship between the game world and the regular.

There is drama centered around the time travel, which I can’t get too much into here without getting into the spoilers.

The main character, Jacob, is a strong main character that I had no trouble attaching to.

There is drama surrounding his life.

The author spent time on finer details of the story that really helped someone like me, unfamiliar with video games outside of enjoying the visuals, understand how things worked.

The story had a good pace and didn’t drag out too long.

All things that made me really enjoy this read. It is a self-published read and part of a project I’m doing here. Out of the five chosen for that project, it was one of four self-published books. It is my favorite of them all.

There’s a preview for the author’s other novel, entitled Beastborne in the back. I haven’t read that preview yet, but mostly because I haven’t had time. I intend to read the preview, but I’m also planning on buying the book, because it got even better reviews than Pyresouls. If that’s the case, I’m in for an even better treat.

I couldn’t tell you whether fans of this genre would like it or not, since I haven’t read many others to compare it to. Yet. For me, however, this acted as a great gateway into the genre. It didn’t deter me from it. If anything, it made me want to read through books like this even more.

Something else that I wrote in my notes was the comparison of a text like this to both video games and movies. In video games, I love seeing how far animation has come. In movies, I don’t like how CGI-heavy the graphics have become. It takes me out of the story because it reminds me that it’s not real. It isn’t innovative the way older movies that didn’t have that type of technology were.

When it comes to the text itself, there’s not that type of issue.

Especially when it’s written as a video game, obviously. But the intricacy of the detail in here made the read that much more inviting and that much easier to get through.

As much as I loved it, I will also say this:

It wasn’t one of those books that, like, blew me out of the water.

I still rated it a 4.5/5  (rounded up to 5 on Goodreads) because I thought it was really well done. It was also strangely one of those books I feel like I kind of forgot about as soon as I finished reading for the day. If I didn’t keep my chapter by chapter notes, I’m not sure I would remember as much as I did.

That isn’t meant as a bad note, however. I’d still recommend it. It’s also the only book from a self-published author that I read from that project that made me want to read more from that author

Side note, it’s important for me to reiterate from this project. There’s plenty of other self-pubbed authors I read all the time.

R.L. King is my favorite.

Moving on.

Overall, I think this is a great read for anyone who’s curious about the LitRPG genre, or just fantasy fans in general. Judging by the book’s ratings, it seems like other fans of this genre also give it favorable feedback. I agree with them.

For me, this was a great entry into the genre. I didn’t have high expectations, but it managed to impress me either way.

**Add the Spoilers and Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis**

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