Hey, everyone!

How’s it going?

I hope this post is finding you well.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank those of you who have already liked, shared, commented, and, most importantly, subscribed to this channel.

All of the videos I’ve released, apart from the Piranesi review, were recorded in the first couple weeks of August, so I’m really glad those awkward first videos are officially done.

Going forward, I’m going to take a moment on the last Thursday of every month to pause, thank those of you who support me, reflect on where I’ve been, and discuss what I have planned next. 

For this month, since I already have next month’s content filmed, as well,  I’ve put together a short little one minute clip to show you what to expect next. I’ll check back in for closing thoughts once the message has played.


I’m super excited both to officially announce that and write the book I’ve designed when November hits.

For those of you who do not know, November is National Novel Writing Month, so these little topic videos and tutorials I’ve put together throughout October are designed to help you get a skeleton of your book so you don’t run into any hindrances during NaNo.

It’s meant, mostly, for people who have never written a book, but I’m excited for anybody who wants to take this journey with me.

Before I leave you, I’m just going to take some advice I got from a friend and leave you with a goal.

She told me she liked to see YouTubers set goals and then later achieve them, so I’m going to go ahead and set one now that, hopefully, you will help me achieve.

This is obviously only going into my second month here on YouTube, so this is something I’m hoping is doable, but

I would love it if at least one person I do know, and one person I do not, joined me on this journey.

That seems much more attainable than saying something like 3,000 of each, but I’m just calling on two volunteers.

Although, let’s face it, the more the merrier.

So if you have never written a book, but always wanted to, please hit that little subscribe button, followed by that little bell notification, and by December 1st, you’ll have a book in your hands.


If you do not want to write a book, I ask that you please at least share this or any other videos with anyone you might know who does. You never know who else might benefit from them.

Or, if you’re just interested about either my personal writing process or just the general novel-writing process, these videos will be the place to go.

The Tuesday videos will cover various topics, with videos on Thursdays that take on more of a tutorial aspect, and Sundays will be for book reviews on books that affect this project, such as Piranesi.

I’m constructing my own work from scratch alongside of you, but most of that actual footage is sped up, basically the same as what you saw in this trailer, but everything I’m doing — from the character development to the completed first draft — will also be posted on my corresponding website, linked down there in the description box.

I hope you’re all ready to Get Write On In, because once next week hits… I’m not sleeping until December.

See you next week!

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